The need for White-label taxi apps is huge as it will enable the taxi companies to provide service on demand and excel in business performance. The traditional taxi companies and startups are surfing through the Internet for random taxi management software to take trips online. Most of them do not prefer to buy branded dispatch software. Their question would be: when a cheap non-branded app can do the same job, why should I buy a costly branded one? But, there is a huge difference between the two in performance; besides, there are other advantages too. Here is a list of good reasons why the branded taxi-booking app is better than the cheap non-branded ride-hailing app.

Technical Benefits

In the current scenario, taxi management software requires a lot of built-in features and must be an integrated platform to handle all operations related to your business. The branded taxi dispatch software like TaxiMobility has been developed with unique applications for passengers and drivers and upgraded with all features trending in the industry. While adhering to some random native, non-branded, cheap taxi-booking app, you cannot meet the requirements of your customers and sustain in the market in the presence of your strong competitors.

In many countries, ride-hailing services are banned due to insecurity. You have to comply with certain rules and regulations in a few regions to run your app-based taxi services there. In this case, your ride-hailing applications must be exclusive and copyrighted ones. For example, TaxiMobility is a white-label taxi dispatch software and is GDPR compliant. Once you buy or subscribe such software, you can have all rights over the software that can be labeled with your brand identity and logo, which is not possible when using the cheaper ones.

As the ride-hailing business involves payment, it needs to be highly secured to use a credit card or any other online payment methods through the app. While being a reliable taxi company, you have to provide safer transaction methods for your customers to travel conveniently. However, such online transaction is not safe with the native apps. However, the branded taxi apps are enriched with features like in-app marketing modules, referral and feedback options, and so on.

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Marketing Reasons

Do you know Uber is reportedly a loss-making company as it has spent a huge amount on marketing? When it comes to on-demand business, marketing plays a vital role in reach your potential customer and get a bigger reach. The branded taxi dispatch software has always been upgraded with marketing module in its admin panel for the convenience of the business operators to initiate email or SMS campaigns to their customers with their service updates, expansion plans, offers, discounts, and many more. Obviously, these kinds of must-have features to promote your on-demand taxi business will not be present in the non-branded app.

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Financial Aspects

You may get the non-branded taxi-booking app at a cheaper rate, which is not the right decision for those who want to grow seamlessly. Buying a branded app is more profitable in the long run. The branded app can always be reliable and ensure you get more business. You can provide your customers with plenty of payment options that will allow them to choose your service among others who use non-branded taxi app.

I would say running an on-demand taxi business with a non-branded app is not really a good strategy in the long run. If you want to stay in the industry for long and provide a highly reliable taxi service across your intended regions, you have to decide between the all-efficient branded app and poorly built non-branded app. The choice is yours!

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