TaxiMobility Version - 8.0

Introducing the first ever dispatcher app!

TaxiMobility version - 8.0
  • Responsive and intuitive user interface design
  • Refined filter and search capabilities based on vehicle/booking/driver status, vehicle model, location, driver name, driver availability, etc
  • Custom settings to edit and modify profiles, bookings and more
  • Flexibility to select between auto and manual dispatch as per requirements
  • Real-time booking notifications and transaction reports
  • Advanced live tracking and automatic status updates
  • Precise trip statistics, booking heatmaps and driver performance analytics

In addition to the dispatcher app, check out the other enhancements here.

  • Enhanced User Interface design – Highly responsive and intuitive
  • Live tracking with vehicle movements – Fleet tracking based on the status update
  • Heat map – Region-wise representation of fleet availability and areas with highest booking rate in Map
  • Updated commission process – Deduction of Admin commission automatically from driver recharge amount in the driver wallet
  • Upgraded driver credits – If the driver recharge amount in the wallet goes below the minimum amount, the particular driver cannot accept passenger requests until recharged
  • Expense management – Various categories can be created in the back end to manage and segregate expenses as Rent, Salary, and so forth.
  • Marketing Campaign – Promotional emails/SMS can be sent to existing users as well as to new users unlike the previous version in which campaign-based notifications that can be sent to new users were not included
  • Dispatcher log system  – In addition to the driver and passenger activities, Dispatcher is also added to the log system to view all dispatcher activities
  • Bulk import  – Bulk data can be imported directly from any supported file
  • Flexibility to select between auto and manual dispatch as per requirements
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