TaxiMobility Version - 8.3.7

Features Made Better

TaxiMobility version - 8.3

i) The Passenger App has been enriched with a booking option for passengers to make multiple bookings.

  • For instance, if a passenger is in ride and wants to book a cab for his friend or relative, he can book using this option.

ii) If a passenger’s requested vehicle is not available at the time of booking, he/she can avail the next high-end model for the same fare, if the driver has enabled this mode in settings.

  • For example, a passenger is requesting a mini cab. In case of the unavailability of that particular type vehicle, the passenger can go for an available sedan type vehicle at mini cab’s fare.

iii) An Account Settlement feature has been introduced with which we can get to know the details of payables/receivables to/from the drivers.

iv) Payment through Stripe – Passengers can save their Credit Cards in the app for trip payments in a secured way with Stripe tokenization method.

v) Model-based Commision – System has the privileges to set varied admin commission for different types of vehicle models (instead of common commision for all models).

vi) Subscription fee with Tax – Tax can be added separately for the subscription fee at the backend.

vii) Socket communication has been improved.

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