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Presenting TaxiMobility, a versatile and cost-effective taxi solution, that bridges the gap between taxi companies and their discerning customers. We extend an intelligent taxi management and dispatch software comprising of an effective mobile application for passengers to hire taxis, a dynamic driver application to execute passenger requests and a well-organised admin panel to monitor the entire process.

Eminent Features of TaxiMobility

TaxiMobility provides taxi businesses a marketplace for their services through an application that is designed to meet the demands of potential customers and much more. Get your head high on technological advancements with an intelligent dispatching suite.

  • A dynamic white-label website and mobile app for passengers and drivers
  • Passengers provided with the facility to log in through Facebook account
  • Multiple language supporting apps for a wider reach
  • Ease taxi scheduling and dispatching
  • VoIP call feature to make phone calls from dispatcher panel
  • Integrated Google Map feature to locate passengers and taxi drivers
  • Extensive admin panel to manage multiple dispatchers
Auto Dispatch system
  • No requirement of extra hardware or equipments
  • Supports 2G, 3G and above
  • Passenger app for Android and iOS
  • Driver app for Android, iOS, Tablet & iPad
  • Fast, reliable and easy to set-up software
  • Integrated online payment gateways for easy payments
  • E-receipts on payment confirmation
  • Saves taxi companies 99% manpower & time on dispatching process
  • GPS Tracking system that extends the following advantages
  1. 1.Passengers with route map
  2. 2.Drivers with passenger location
  3. 3.Taxi companies with complete control over the taxi hiring process

Passenger application

Passenger app is a front end app that lets passengers reserve taxis from their preferred locations providing the driver and vehicle of their choice. The application allows passengers to book, track and manage taxis over a few taps.

  • White-label passenger application with customizable features
  • Free to download application compatible on iOS and Android platforms
  • Login using Facebook or mobile number
  • Select the payment method - by cash / card / wallet
  • Locate nearest available taxis
  • Scheduled / Advanced ride booking with promo code option
  • Estimated trip fare option
  • Ride sharing initiated within the contact list
  • Notifications on booking confirmation
  • Track driver's estimated arrival time
  • Track the progress of the trip in Google Map from the pick up point to the destination
  • Mandatory feature to select relevant reason for ride cancellations
  • Detailed reports on the upcoming & previous rides with route map
  • E-receipts with extensive details on distance, duration, fare, waiting time, discount & wallet balance
  • Option to add drivers to 'Favourites' and book rides with the favourite driver
  • 'Favorites' option to save address details for easy future reservations
  • Feedback sharing provision to rate drivers for the services
  • Share comments through social networking sites
  • “Help” page to submit all passenger queries

Driver application

A dynamic driver application is all set to serve the best to its passengers over a tap. Upon activating GPS in the driver app, taxi companies can easily track taxi movements, assign and manage drivers in a more efficient manner.

  • White-label driver application with brand name and logo
  • Login credentials for each driver
  • Option to add referral code while signing up
  • Mandatory requirement to activate GPS after logging in
  • Go online / offline based on the availability to accept a trip request
  • Provision to locate themselves in Google Map
  • Notifications to alert drivers of passenger requests
  • 30 seconds for drivers to accept or reject a passenger request
  • GPS to locate passenger's pick up point
  • Google navigation to identify routes while on move
  • Notifications upon arrival at passenger pick up point
  • Option to view the distance travelled during the trip
  • Auto calculation of taxi fare / tips and stopwatch to estimate the waiting time charges
  • Unique trip id for each trip
  • Street pick-up feature to pick up passengers on the route eliminating the waiting time for another request
  • Option to include street pick-ups & earnings in the working time/driving hours
  • Wallet option to receive driver referral amount
  • Drivers can request for withdrawal of earned referral money as well as earned trip fare
  • Summary of completed trips in statistics for future reference
  • Map integration with previous trip details to determine the route travelled
  • Manage profile with the assigned taxi details and view rating
  • Detailed report of daily income with graphical representation to manage earnings

Dispatcher panel

No more idle drivers in taxi dispatching. Our fast and intelligent e-hailing system helps save time and dispatch taxis with no delays.

  • Real time trip updates in the dashboard
  • Options to edit and modify taxi details
  • Options to edit and modify driver details, license information and booking limits of each driver
  • Option to manage driver wallet requests
  • Receive booking over the phone
  • Manual or automatic dispatch identifying the nearest taxis available
  • Manage details of all rides
  • Assign and manage taxis
  • Call masking option to hide the mobile number of driver
  • VoIP call feature to make phone calls from the dispatcher panel
  • Access to view and extract all transaction details that are completed, cancelled or rejected
  • Export option to download dashboard reports
  • Customized search options
  • A single user interface to track drivers, taxis, passengers, transactions and ratings
  • Integrated with Google map to track locations of drivers and passengers
  • View ratings of drivers
  • View passenger details with the status of each passenger

Admin panel

TaxiMobility provides the best of class dispatch system for taxi companies to keep pace with the recent technological advancements. It saves investment over manpower by making the e-hailing process 99% automated. The admin panel is regularly updated with every transaction in the taxi company, and serves to be an easy and free to install taxi management solution. The admin panel performs the following actions.

  • Master admin panel with total control over all the company admin panels
  • Perform complete CRM activities
  • Add and manage dispatchers, drivers and taxis based on location
  • Provide specific login credentials to each dispatcher
  • Display the statistics of all companies, taxi reservations and transactions in dashboard
  • Manage site settings, SMTP mail settings, SMS templates, social networking site settings, Payment gateways and banner settings
  • Add and manage drivers, driver details, driving license information and booking limits of an individual driver
  • Assign taxis and manage assigned taxis
  • Add and manage user accounts, contacts and content
  • Access to export trip and transaction details
  • Customized search options to filter dashboard details
  • Real time trip updates on driver activity in the admin panel
  • A single user interface to manage drivers, passengers, taxi movements and transactions
TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 6.0

Driver Application
  • Street pick-up feature is enabled to pick up passengers on the route eliminating the waiting time for another request. Street pick-ups & earnings are counted as working time.
  • Detailed report of daily income with graphical representation is provided to manage earnings.
  • The previous trip details are updated with Map integration to determine the route travelled.
  • Amended with miscellaneous performance improvements & UI changes.
Passenger Application
  • E-receipts are augmented with extensive details on distance, duration, fare, waiting time, discount & wallet balance.
  • The feature to select the reason during ride cancellations is included as mandatory.
  • A “Help” page is annexed to submit all passenger queries.
  • Amended with miscellaneous performance improvements & UI changes.
Admin Dashboard
  • Enhanced with better user experience in the admin dashboard
  • Additional columns included to view previous trip details in the admin panel
  • Admin panel comprises of Single/Multi Brands [ Companies ]. ** Single - admin can add / assign drivers directly with no intermediate companies; Multi - Admin can include a company & assign drivers under that particular company.
  • Admin can manage both Driver & Company withdraw requests.
  • Admin Dashboard is enhanced with additional statistics on Live Dispatch, Company wise trip details, Payment by Company, Trip requests from City and Company, & Driver Revenue Graph.
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TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 5.0

  • Selection of driver works based on passenger’s favorite as well as priority
  • Estimated trip fare feature is available in 'passenger' application
  • ‘Split-fares’ feature directly be initiated from within the contact list
  • Optimized UI for better user experience on both, 'passenger' and 'driver' applications
  • Driver referral wallet will be added into their account
* Add-ons list available for driver & customer
  • Tablet versions available only for driver
  • VoIP call add-on for dispatcher panel
  • Web portal feature available for customer with booking engine
  • Mongodb
  • Phone masking feature available for driver & passenger

TaxiMobility version - V 4.0

Updated comprehensive dashboard view
  • We have converted database for both mobile application and website to MongoDB
  • Enhanced revenue details with pie chart to differentiate mobile & dispatcher bookings
  • Passenger's concurrent location will be displayed for dispatchers
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements in mobile application and admin panel
TaxiMobility Versions
TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 3.0.2

Fixes & enhancement
  • Driver management added to admin, company and dispatcher panels
  • New professionally designed email templates
  • Redesigned dispatcher end dashboard
  • In addition to automatic, dispatch booking now includes a manual override function
  • Export reports generated across all modules in multiple file formats, including Excel and PDF

TaxiMobility version - V 3.0

New features
  • Two-factor authentication with OTP
  • Redeemable referral code for new registrations
  • Credit management through built in wallet
  • Wallet integration with Paypal, Braintree and TaxiMobility coupons
  • Real-time companion application, TaxiMobility driver sync
  • Advanced booking with cancellation options
  • Detailed driver details and invoice
TaxiMobility Versions
TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 1.1.5

Fixes & enhancement
  • Braintree payment gateway integration
  • Updated master admin panel and dispatching system
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements

TaxiMobility version - V 1.1.4

Fixes & enhancement
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Passenger can favorite their locations for future booking
  • Passenger can view the details of previous trips
  • Scheduled / Advance booking option
  • Passengers can avail discount by using promo codes
  • Improved search functionality for finding nearby taxis
  • Available in international languages (Turkey, Arabic and Russian)
  • Driver can view current and previous trip details
TaxiMobility Versions
TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 1.1.3

Fixes & enhancement
  • Estimated travel fare with vehicle model
  • Improved location search for both pick up and drop
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

TaxiMobility version - V 1.1.2

Fixes & enhancement
  • Driver arival towards to pickup location has been displayed for passenger application
  • UI changed using color code instead of images
TaxiMobility Versions
TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 1.1.1

Fixes & enhancement
  • Admin panel bug fixed and graphical representation of transaction added in admin panel
  • Company back end - dispatcher panel updated with map of drivers and routes
  • Company back end - graphical representation of transaction added
  • Driver visibility on the map has been restricted upto 50 driver within specific KM / miles
  • Driver's location is added in map
  • Passenger search request reduced according to the area

TaxiMobility version - V 1.1.0

Fixes & enhancement
  • Code optimization
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • International language added
TaxiMobility Versions
TaxiMobility Versions

TaxiMobility version - V 1.0.9

Fixes & enhancement
  • Push notification changed from GCM and APNS service
  • Job notification issue is fixed
  • Request sent to available nearest driver
  • Passenger can cancel their request
  • On time job acceptance and compeletion
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