An Exclusive Software for Bike Taxi Management

  • Unified management platform

    Unified management platform

    Get a 360-degree overview of your bike taxi business by managing and monitoring bikes, drivers, and processes in real time from a single platform with ease

  • Dispatch module

    Dispatch module

    Stay on track of bookings, dispatches, and other transactions and handle reports and queries from an exclusive bike taxi dispatch module

  • mobile_app

    Improvised mobile app

    Let your passengers and bike drivers book and accept rides, respectively, through white-labeled bike taxi apps that work on Android and iOS devices

Bike Taxi App Development

Seamless applications

The online bike taxi booking and dispatching applications are designed to be exceptional in efficiency and performance. As a white-label solution, the apps with your brand logo brings identity to your business presence. Our bike taxi apps are made to be intuitive and highly responsive with user-friendly modules.

  • Expand your brand presence
  • Be the reliable solution with the online presence
  • Maximize business opportunity
  • Improve efficiency and attain profit
Bike Taxi Management Software

Secure and convenient payment

One of the convenient features that any on-demand transportation software should have is integrated payment gateways. In TaxiMobility’s bike taxi app development process, it is mandatory to integrate payment options as a way to provide our clients with all the required support to run their business with ease.

  • Enable fast and secure payment options in your service
  • Let your passengers pay at their convenience
  • Make payments cashless
  • Get settlements done in a few taps
Online Bike Taxi Software

GPS tracking

Tracking is key for the taxi business. Our bike taxi booking app is enabled with a GPS tracking system and integrated with highly responsive mapping platforms that optimize routes. Your passengers can track their assigned vehicles, and drivers can find locations and fetch feasible routes on the go.

  • Display your customers nearby vehicles in their app screen
  • Let driver fetch routes in real time
  • Enable live tracking of vehicles
  • Access heat maps to make improved decisions
Bike Taxi Booking Software

Standard safety features

Safety is the major concern in the on-demand, ride-hailing business right now. TaxiMobility applications are featured with an emergency button to provide your bike taxi passengers and drivers the secure travel solution. Therefore, you can deliver a secure bike taxi service with enriched safety features.

  • Make your service a safer solution
  • Give your customers the confidence to use your bike taxi
  • Safeguard your drivers when they are in an emergency
  • Provide timely support during the chaos at the touch of a button
On-demand Bike Taxi Software

Delivery Support

Now you can do a delivery service with TaxiMobility’s bike taxi management software that has been enriched with delivery options. Deliveries can be made simple with the supportive applications and enhanced features. With this online bike taxi app, your customers can use your bike taxi for deliveries.

  • Make on-demand delivery as your add-on service
  • Do deliveries easily with bike taxi app
  • Pick up and deliver things on time and with ease
  • Earn more through a bike taxi app with delivery features