An Advanced Management Software for Car Rental Companies

  • White-label booking app

    White-label booking app

    A highly responsive car rental booking app for passengers packed with advanced features to simplify online booking and provide convenient and safer rides

  • App for drivers

    App for drivers

    A GPS-enabled, user-friendly app for drivers of car rental companies to take trips with no hassles, track location with ease, and deliver solutions on time

  • Interface for car rental company

    Interface for car rental company

    The best administrative software for car rental business operators with modules that help them dispatch vehicles and monitor business operations in real time

Car Rental Management Software

Customizable applications

Our car rental reservation software is customizable to fit your exclusive requirements and can be made suitable for your community- or industry-specific car rental business. This car rental software is highly scalable that can support you even if you expand your business to any range. Get your applications and panels customized for your car rental business needs.

  • Do your business the way you want with the custom solution
  • Meet legal requirements with custom-built features
  • Provide the service your target audience expect
  • Make it all yours with all advancements and update
Car Rental Booking Software

Advanced modules and features

Our best car rental software, TaxiMobility, has been upgraded with all new features such as geofencing, fare calculation, emergency button, and many more exclusively for car rental companies to explore the market in all possible ways. With the advanced features, you can manage your business in a more streamlined way.

  • Acquire the modern, yet affordable car rental solution
  • Progress with the enhanced technology in the industry
  • Improve the user experience with advancements
  • Provide convenience to your customer in every mile
Car Rental Reservation Software

Improved fare calculation

We have improved the performance of fare estimation and calculation. The structure of fare calculation in the car rental business software has been improvised in order to provide precise fare estimation to passengers. With the advanced fare calculation system, you can gain the trust of your customers by providing transparent pricing.

  • Calculate fare with improved algorithm
  • Provide precise fare estimation while booking
  • Let the estimated amount be the final fare
  • Maintain transparency in pricing
Best Car Rental Software

Airport transfers management

While understanding the growing demand for airport transfers, TaxiMobility has been enhanced with exclusive features to support such services. In order to help car rental companies gain prominence among their target audience by providing the service they are looking for, our software for car rental business is made to fit airport transfers also.

  • Deliver reliable services to and from airports
  • Pick up and drop off passengers on time
  • Plan trips according to flight arrival and departure timings
  • Be a reliable solution for all airport transfers
Car Rental Business Software

Auto-dispatch and real-time tracking

With our best online car rental software, you being the business operator can automate your dispatches and improve performance efficiency. As it has been integrated to the GPS system, it allows your passengers to track their assigned drivers; your drivers to find locations easily with optimized routes; and you to track assets and drivers in real time.

  • Automate dispatch
  • Never miss any booking
  • Get visibility by tracking drivers and assets
  • Stay updated on trip status with real-time tracking