• 1. What is TaxiMobility?

    TaxiMobility is a complete package that delivers an uncompromising solution to automate taxi operations. The application holds a web booking engine, passenger app, driver app and a dispatch software, and enables easy booking, managing and executing of the taxi hiring and dispatch process from a single platform. TaxiMobility saves time and investment over manpower with a 99% automaticallyed software.

  • 2. Why should I use TaxiMobility?

    TaxiMobility helps taxi companies to cut down on the efforts laid in manually dispatching vehicles and provides a world-class infrastructure for the existing taxi businesses to satisfy their discerning customers. TaxiMobility extends a dispatch software to efficiently manage transactions and assign jobs, auto perform fare calculations and CRM activities, and extract reports from dashboard.

  • 3. Does TaxiMobility suit small taxi companies?

    Yes. TaxiMobility adapts itself to small, medium and big taxi companies. It has all in-built features in its admin panel to rightly fit into the requirements of all taxi companies.

  • 4. Is TaxiMobility easy to use and affordable?

    TaxiMobility needs least guidance to work on. It is a ready to use software suitable for all kinds of transportation business. To keep the software user friendly and affordable was one of our prime objectives.

  • 5. What do I need to have to work upon TaxiMobility?

    You just need to have a smartphone and a PC connected to the Internet. No extra hardware. No heavy equipment. No set up fees and no carbon footprints. Log in from any location you are in. TaxiMobility easily fits into your existing taxi business, assisting in scaling new heights.

  • 6. What should I do if my system crashes in the middle of the night?

    With our 24/7 support team, we never let you handle a problem alone. Reach us over the phone, email, live chat or Skype. We have a team dedicated to solve your issues at the earliest possible.

  • 7. How should I purchase TaxiMobility?

    Visit the Pricing or Contact us page in our website. You will be assisted by our representatives providing you the complete details regarding payments. Once you are convinced with the payment procedures, you will be sent the login credentials to sign in to the application and all technical support to ensure a smooth taxi hiring process.

  • 8. Do I need to pay any additional fees or charges?

    No, there are no extra fees or charges. We only charge based on the pricing plans displayed in the Pricing section.

  • 9. Can TaxiMobility be white labelled, redistributed or resold?

    Yes, you can white label, redistribute or resell TaxiMobility platform to a third person. You are the sole proprietor to the entire Platform. You can use this platform for your own purpose with your brand name and logo.

  • 10. How quickly can I have my company up and running?

    Based on the size of the company, it takes a maximum of three days to set up the application and start the business after the signing of the contract and the payments. It may probably require additional time for big taxi companies as the application needs to be set up in all the vehicles. But we have a team all set to meet your needs efficiently without any delays.

  • 11. I have more questions, what do I do?

    Feel free to contact us for any clarification over any mode of communication or visit us at www.taximobility.com/signup.html/MjE1/MQ==