The on-demand taxi business has attained phenomenal growth in the past 10 years. Its potentiality attracts many startups, thereby becoming the most competitive sector. Even though it has a greater probability to get more revenue, taxi businesses require a special consideration to get notified among an array of industry giants. Therefore, being a taxi service provider, you have to strengthen your brand with a strong marketing strategy.

In this digital world, marketing plays a vital role in the success of any business. The taxi business is no exception. You have a lot of options to promote/market your on-demand transportation business. You can select either online or offline promotion, or even both. However, digital presence is more important in this technology-driven business environment as digital-era people want to get everything in their palm-sized smartphones.

Online Promotion

  • Social Media
  • Social media is the right place where you can find a hub of like-minded people. It would be the best platform to market your service because social media such as Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. would be the place where most people spend their maximum time. Therefore, having the right social media approach is important to reach a wider audience and make your presence felt. You can have unique ways to advertise and reach out customers in each social media platform. So, you can explore social media to market your brand and business. It would be the best option to increase visibility, create brand awareness, and generate revenue.

  • In-app Promotions
  • There is taxi management software like TaxiMobility, that comes with marketing features and has templates to send welcoming emails and text messages, promotional emails and text messages, push notifications, promo code generation, and so on. Such a technology solution will allow you to promote your brand at the touch of a button. On behalf of you, your users and drivers can promote your business through “Share” and “Invite Friend” options in their respective applications if they are really happy about your service.

Offline Promotion

Offline promotion is also equally important for your taxi business because there are people who do not have access to such technological advancement. Therefore, it would be highly advisable to reach your customers in all possible means to make your service available for every individual and reach the nook and corner of the world. You can opt one or all of the below-listed marketing options to promote your brand.

  • Print media – Physically printed pamphlets, brochures, magazines, and newspapers to be distributed among the targeted audience
  • Print display – Printed banners, signboards, and so on to be kept in exhibitions or public advertising spaces
  • Digital display – Digital display and LED billboard advertising to be screened in public places where people gather
  • Hoarding/billboard – An outdoor advertising structure to be displayed in high-traffic areas
    TV ads

To stay and sustain in the competitive business atmosphere like the taxi industry, you need to be more vigilant and use all the available options. Besides anything else, marketing is key. So, adhere to a technology that supports you in marketing contexts because it would be the easiest way to reach your intended market. Market your brand and create a buzz!