Today, passenger transportation industry is at the center of a raging storm with every ride-hailing entrepreneurs eyeing to capture the market. With 13.5 CAGR per annum, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to venture into profitable regions.

Valued to be hundred billion dollars in 2030, passenger transportation is going to be a game changer altogether. How is it going to happen and what is the future of transportations in carrying people/goods?

Well, if I say cars are going to fly from one end to another, it is not going to be a dream anymore. We already witnessed volocopters doing the same. Also, flying cars will be preferred by the passengers and it is going to be considered as a huge convenience for end-to-end passenger transportation evidently for all its trend quotient. Similarly, drones will be deployed all across for ride-hailing.

Taxi service by air is boosting up and the technology for the same is one of the most dependent industries that has 150% of the valuation in the passenger transportation market.

Managing such a massive network and an outburst of innovation is not going to be an easy job anymore. It requires more than what is sufficient due to the fact that the degree of convenience and technology needed is huge. On the other hand, an iteration of taxicab service providers will find its way through autonomous vehicles.

We have come across R&D newsletters from Ford, Tesla, Google, etc who are working on their AVs and the vision is very clear. Tomorrow the AVs will form a connected vehicle network and then taxi services will not be an option but the only mode of transportation available to you. To manage, operate, dispatch and optimize, the technology has to be up to the mark. With artificial intelligence and IoT into play, technology has provided the upper hand in innovating intelligent solutions. TaxiMobility’s R&D is working on enhancing AI to support the future of transportation and it would be no surprise if we say we would be ready well in advance for the outburst that is to arrive.