Fantasy comes true

The groundwork for launching flying cars has been accelerated. Technology has already disrupted the taxi sector to the core, and more is happening across the industry. It is time for taxi to take the new incarnation as flying taxi. While the research is going on over the concept for years, many industry giants have announced that the flying taxis will be commercialized soon and will be on road (on air!) in a five-to-ten year duration.

Have you ever dreamt of a flying vehicle?

Here it is! The inventors have designed it like a helicopter (or maybe a kind of drone) but much quieter. Whatever the structure be, it will be one more reformative invention in the taxi industry that will be the highly reliable and affordable for the common people. Comparing with roadway transportation, it is going to be the reliable service for traveling to areas at low altitudes which will definitely be the most affordable option for consumers.

Management Support System

Before implementing the air travel, it requires a management system to control air traffic and safeguard the passengers. For its flying taxi initiatives, a reputed tech company by partnering with NASA has planned to develop an air traffic management system, which will work like a taxi-hailing service to manage “flying taxi” routes. This shows that the groundwork for flying taxis is gaining pace.

Earlier, self-driving cars would be the most awaited trend in the sector, which is yet to turn into a notable business. There are a lot of setbacks in bringing autonomous cars on the public road. It would be a big question when it comes to flying cars. Even if it takes time for flying cars to hit the road, it will definitely bring the tremendous disruption in the field.