A statistics shows Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active users, LinkedIn 260 million, and Twitter 326 million. The number keeps growing. According to a study, people across the world spend nearly 20 minutes every day on these social media. So, it would be the right platform for your taxi business to can find 65% of your potential customers. Marketing through such digital channels would be the smartest and cheapest way to reach your target audience with no investment. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are a few social media that offer a wide range of advertising opportunities (paid as well as free) to promote businesses online. All you need to do is to prompt exclusive ads, campaigns, promotional activities, offers, and so on with relevant content that sells.

The ride-hailing business is growing rapidly and becomes one of the competitive sectors ever. Uber has spent $500 million dollars on marketing alone in the first half of this year. And even the other key industry players are also concentrating more on marketing aspects to promote their business and let their audience know about their exclusive offers, new add-on services, and many more. Marketing involves several aspects and can be done through various channels available across online and offline. However, social media are cheap (even free) and the right choice for taxi startups as such platforms will suggest better marketing tips for taxi owners. Before adhering to any technology, taxi management software, or any other expensive marketing tool, I would suggest you take up these social media platforms to market your brand and service.

You might have come across plenty of marketing strategies and ideas for your taxi business that may insist you to invest a huge sum to get results. On the contrary, marketing your taxi business through social media does not require any technical qualification or special skills. You can start with a simple and basic idea. First of all, you have to segment your potential customers and engage them and make them aware of your services, updates, discounts, and other things that will convert them into your customers (passengers). It is very easy to market at social media; just:

  • create a business page for your taxi company;
  • let the world know your business presence;
  • segment your target audience based on age, sex, region, etc.;
  • engage them with constant updates;
  • appeal them with pleasing content and offers;
  • convert them into business; and
  • attain exponential growth and earn more.

Digital presence is important for your taxi business to be successful in this highly competitive technology-driven business world. While getting a white-label taxi software, taxi booking and dispatching applications, and website, consider promoting your business through online channels, especially via social media that will not take any of your budgets. Creating a business page on social media and posting occasionally is not enough to attain your expected level of return. You have to engage your audience as often as possible to get visibility among the users. You can easily create a page for your taxi company on social media; however, the success of such activities lies in your involvement, dedication, and marketing strategies. Streamline your ideas and project your taxi brand on social media; you will get a better result for sure.

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