Global Taxi Market
As far as taxi and transportation business is growing, the want for taxi management software will also be high. Running a taxi or related business without taxi dispatcher software is not possible in the technology-driven world. However, the scope for taxi business is on the rise. A large percentage of the market has been covered by the industry giants; therefore, small and medium taxi businesses are struggling to get business. As a way to uplift such on-demand service providers, TaxiMobility has been developed with excellence.

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What is TaxiMobility?
TaxiMobility is a cloud-based taxi dispatch system that allows taxi business to grow and stay ahead of their competitors. It is a comprehensive taxi management software that provides taxi businesses with a better chance of success through highly reliable applications. In order to face the challenges in the ever-evolving transportation market, TaxiMobility would be the compelling solution that is not just a taxi software but also a backstop for other services such as limousine, paratransit, bus charter, corporate shuttle, and airport transfer.

User-friendly Apps of TaxiMobility
TaxiMobility has been equipped with user-friendly applications to book cabs, dispatch automatically/manually, and deliver service in real-time. We provide business operators with a highly scalable platform and separate applications for taxi dispatchers, passengers, and drivers with eminent features. Each app has its features to make online booking and dispatching easier.

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1.Passenger App:

  • An app for taxi passengers to get cabs at their doorstep and reach places with no hassles
    Online taxi booking
  • Fare calculation
  • Live tracking of driver
  • Emergency button
  • Payment gateways

2. Driver App:

  • A tool for taxi drivers to receive notifications on new booking and deliver on-demand service with ease
  • Real-time notifications
  • GPS-enable tracking system
  • Route optimization
  • Wallet system
  • Convenient driving plans
  • Safety feature

White Label Solution for Your Taxi Business

3. Dispatcher Web App:

  • A platform for taxi dispatchers to monitor vehicles and driver and dispatch cabs easily through a single window
  • Live tracking of vehicles and drivers
  • Assigning cabs manually or automatically
  • Accessing reports in real-time
  • Unique Features That Marks Industry Standard

Being in the market for over years, TaxiMobility has been packed with exclusive features and has attained its completeness. It has always been upgraded on a regular interval to let business operators stay competitive. The taxi business software has been implemented with several features that can satisfy taxi customers. All requisite features are implemented into TaxiMobility applications.

Versions of TaxiMobility

Listed below are the key features of TaxiMobility among many:

  • White-labeled
  • Package plans: Rental and Outstation
  • Commission- and Subscription-based driving options
  • Street booking
  • Split fare
  • SOS button

Future of TaxiMobility
Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the business world that has already spread its wings across many industries. Transportation business is no exception. TaxiMobility will be implemented with AI features to predict demand, forecast weather and traffic, and optimize route. Such implementation will improve the taxi business model as with enhanced predictive analytics and demand prediction, the business operators can grasp the available opportunities. AI-enabled TaxiMobility will ultimately transform the transportation sector in the near future.

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