Being an advantageous taxi management software, TaxiMobility has come through with all features a taxi business needed. It has been enriched and will be improved in future also to meet the growing advancements in the industry. To satisfy the requirements of our clients and make them grow ahead in their business, a team of techies is constantly working to improve the functionalities of this eminent taxi software. Following are a few recent versions of TaxiMobility with updated features:

Recent Versions of TaxiMobility

Version 8.3: Upgrades with improved UI and UX designs

  • Live movement of cabs can be viewed on the home screen of the dispatcher panel and passenger app.
  • Two package plans, Rental and Outstation, have been added to the passenger app.
  • Commission- (wallet system) and subscription-based (with booking limits) driving plans have been included in the Driver App.
  • UI and UX designs have also been improved to simplify various processes.
  • Server–User interaction is enhanced with the integration of Socket.

Version 8.3.5: Mapbox Integration and Add-on Language Support

  • As an alternative to Google Maps, Mapbox has been added into the system for mapping to be supportive in displaying various maps related to:
  1. dispatching and booking,
  2. heatmaps,
  3. route directions,
  4. distance calculation, and
  5. place details form.

TaxiMobility has already been built to support various languages across the world. And now, it can also support Portuguese.

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Version 8.3.6: Implemented with Safety Features

TaxiMobility and its applications are made GDPR compliant to ensure safety and transparency.

SOS features have been implemented into TaxiMobility as a way to improve the safety of the taxi passengers and drivers with which:

  • Passengers can:
  1. access the emergency button when they are on their trips,
  2. notify their beloved ones when they are in emergency situations by adding them as emergency contact details in the application, and
  3. also add their three emergency contacts even if they are booking through the website.
  • Drivers have the facility to access the SOS button all the time whether they are on trip or idle.
  • The administrator can get the complete details of the emergency situations by accessing the SOS history.

If at all there is any requirement to improve the performance of this efficient taxi management system, TaxiMobility will be upgrade to the level that can make things easier for the taxi business. Stay tuned for further updates!

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