Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is to satisfy the travel needs of disabled people. When there is no convenience in booking and getting transits on time, there will be of no use in providing exclusive transportation service to the people who are highly in need of it. NEMT dispatch software will be helpful for the service providers to provide a reliable and convenient paratransit service. The medical transportation scheduling software must have a few special features as each paratransit business operator provides service under unique circumstances that involve different types of challenges. To eliminate all barriers in NEMT dispatching and billing, you need to have software with below-described features and functionalities.

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Simple Dispatch Module

The paratransit software should be designed to provide a complete solution to simplify booking and dispatching vehicles that provide point-to-point transportation services to differently abled people. As it requires special features to get things scheduled properly, medical transportation scheduling software helps the service providers achieve this with an advanced software for automated and systematized processes.

GPS-enabled Tracking

Since the arrival of transportation technology, tracking would be the most appreciated feature that resolved many issues related to tracking locations and vehicles. Therefore, the GPS-enabled tracking system is important to make the service reliable and convenient.

Simple Pricing

Integrated Mapping

The map plays a vital role in simplifying things in the transportation sector. The NEMT dispatch software must be integrated with Google maps or any other feasible mapping platform to automate processes and determine effective routing system. Such integration will enable dispatchers to find the best possible routes to be connected for an end-to-end service and schedule routes accordingly for the convenience of the passengers.

Payment Gateways

The intended applications of the NEMT scheduling software must be integrated with demand-responsive payment gateways to receive payments easily and track funding sources and retrieve data of invoices, thereby configuring the online payment system with no errors. This feature of the software will help businesses automate and track payments, receive online payments upfront or after the ride, and digitalize entire payment process.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reports about trips, customers, revenue generated are key to understand the business better and find ways to improve the quality of service. The paratransit dispatch software should be efficient enough to help you generate those required reports in seconds and support in extracting necessary statistics rapidly on any required formats.

Paratransit transportation is not just a business but also a service that helps the people who need the most supportive transportation system due to their disability. So, while dispatching vehicles for passengers with disabilities, the motive must be to deliver a service that can comfort the end-users in all means. While adhering a technology for providing NEMT service, consider all the above-mentioned features to satisfy the special transportation needs of the customers.

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