The COVID-19 outbreak has slowed down economic growth on a global scale as people remain locked down in their houses. The impact of the pandemic is even stronger for the ride-hailing sector than the other spheres, given the nature of the industry. It is time to find ways to generate more revenue in addition to making use of the existing opportunities and make a successful comeback once the target market is fully active again.

Here is what you need to do to expand your customer base and improve prospects in the days that follow.

Enhance your business

Make plans to revamp your business in every possible way so that you can prompt your potential customers to choose you over your competitors when the time comes.

Digitizing your ride-hailing business is one of the best ways to upgrade it. This way, you can move a step closer to your customers by allowing them to book rides within a few clicks. Despite the current transit restrictions, you can receive bookings and offer rides to your customers in case of emergency situations using a digital solution.

Connect with your workforce

Being there for your driver-partners who are representing you out there is mandatory especially during such an unpredictable time. Educate them about the COVID-19 precautions and provide them with essential itineraries such as face masks and hand sanitizers.

Besides, a digital solution facilitates improved communication between you and your resources. Use the GPS- tracking feature to know the live locations of your drivers at any given point of time. Send them push notifications from the admin panel to keep them posted about opportunities and pass on other location-based alerts while giving transparency into their daily earnings through the platform.

Explore different verticals

As the COVID-19 outbreak has brought down mainstream ride-hailing opportunities, it is a wise move to explore other trending transportation-related verticals. Find out pipelines that suit your current business model and develop industry partnerships if necessary to strengthen your market presence and direct your resources into the same.
This way, you can transform your business into a one-stop destination for all transit needs in the long run.

Track business performance

Performance tracking is the key parameter to achieve business growth. Given the scenario, using manual methods to validate it can be both time-consuming and inefficient. This ultimately results in poor decision making.

Take your previous business data into account to validate its efficiency and come up with ideas to improve it as and when the pandemic situation passes. This can be done flawlessly with a tailor-made digital solution. Powered with advanced analytics, it generates authentic reports based on the existing business data. This way, you can make effective data-based decisions to witness business growth in the near future.

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