The coronavirus outbreak has taken over the world and public spaces, including schools, libraries, workplaces, hotels, shopping malls and cinema theatres are closed to slow down and ultimately eliminate the pandemic. Unlike the other sectors that are locked down, the ride-hailing industry sees space to flourish while offering public support even during such unpredictable times.

Here is how ride-hailing service providers can extend support to communities by directing their workforce into various verticals when public movement is restricted.


Given the rising need for immediate medical assistance, healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and other medical staff must travel from one place to the other. With very limited public transport options, these individuals find it difficult to locate a safe and timely commute. To help them address the challenge, mobility service providers can get in touch with healthcare centers and provide on-demand transport services for the medical staff.


As a greater part of the global population stays back at home, there is a massive market demand for delivery services across several touchpoints. These include food, groceries, medical supply and other household essentials. Ride-hailing service providers can get the necessary goods delivered to people on one hand while creating job opportunities for their drivers.

In fact, major industry players, including Uber, Grab and Gojek now ask their driver-partners to deliver food between their rides. Similarly, Lyft has partnered with the leading e-commerce service provider Amazon to bolster faster freight delivery.

Business customers

As the pandemic situation demands entrepreneurs and corporate personnel to work from home, there arises an inevitable need to move hardware devices like personal computers, printers and much more from the workplace to mini hubs and other remote locations. Also, there are instances where business operators travel to get emergency paperwork done. Given the scenario, you can tap your business customers to direct more ride requests your way.

After all, being there for your customers and offering transit services at such an uncertain time helps you to be in their good books. This way, there is a higher probability of them coming back to you for their future transportation needs.


Given the unavailability of basic needs during the COVID-19 outbreak, volunteers from several governmental and non-governmental organizations step out onto the streets to provide for the needy. Ride-hailing service providers can contact such charity organizations to provide discounted or free rides for the volunteers. This way, you can contribute to a social cause while generating new business prospects.

With challenging times ahead, we at the transportation ecosystem can do our best to support our communities and drivers by exploring these opportunities. Feel free to contact TaxiMobility for technology-wise assistance.

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