There is a new player in the taxi app market called the Yellow Cab introduced by Pittsburgh Transportation Group. The app is officially going to be launched on April 01, 2015 as stated by company President Jamie Campolongo.
This is a service in row with Uber and Lyft models, where it promises to give good service by starting small. Yellow cab has come up with the ‘zTrip’ app after much fine-tuning and assures people convenience in using mobile devices. This is expected to solve the problems generally faced when Uber alone was the most sought-after app service.
It started annoying Yellow Cab and other companies when the big ridesharing companies namely, Uber and Lyft started occupying the Pittsburgh area. Though there are legal skirmishes over the regulatory issues in Pennsylvania, they are given two-year experimental licenses.
The hierarchical ownership of Yellow Cab is a Paris-based company called Transdev North America which operates in nearly 20 countries. zTrip app brings two services namely, black car and Yellow Z cars. The Yellow Z is served by independent contractors who are thoroughly verified by the company and drive their own vehicles.
On an experimental basis, Yellow Cab was approved by the Pennsylvania authorities and coupled with that there were lot of iterations in the app development part.
The new app of Yellow cab tries to re-assure a reliable service and promises to clear the unsatisfied customers earlier during 2009. The app has features much like the Uber where it can trace the availability of cars and the distance. In addition to that, it has cash payments mode, a dedicated customer call service and passengers will be able to reserve in advance for a ride.
There will not much price jumps compared to Uber or Lyft which in turn will not disappoint the passengers. For the time being, the Yellow cab does not provide service for the Pittsburgh International Airport, whereas Uber has come under scrutiny for violation of airport rules by picking up passengers at the airport.