In many countries, on-demand ride share service is growing rapidly which leads to taxi war with traditional yellow cabs. The way to save money and time people are dealing with these on-demand rideshare apps for taxi services, but the influx of competition makes cabbies to begin fighting with traditional yellow & green cabs.
These mobile based apps are more simple and it changes the way of taxi riding experience. The cab dispatching and hailing will be just made with tap away, So that cabbies can also operate the vehicle as their wise.


These mobile based taxi booking truing cab industries into profitable way and people are interested to use because of reliability, brand & familiarity. Although a lot of advanced features, some security threats and surge pricing is huge hurdles for on demand ride-share application. Another downside was explored which taxi apps are not belonged with local government regulations.


Surge pricing is a huge factor that influences yellow cab drivers economically and taxi war begun with other on demand services. Many yellow cab drivers have filed a complaint against to ride share service about price surge and spiky fares during peak hours. To weed out this problem, Last month New York city council announced own taxi app and decided to allow a level playing field with enough competition.


Altogether these taxi apps cannot replace yellow cabs completely however on-demand ride-share app has good demand in the market. The only thing ride share service companies like uber and lyft must go behind with government regulations. To create huge demand mobile taxi apps must focus on price, convenience, reliability and safety.