There is a silent revolution in the taxi business taking shape where the taxi or cab drivers starting to interact over the internet by use of mobile apps. You might have heard the big names in this industry namely, Uber, Lyft to name a few who are on the ride sharing or e-hailing business of booking a taxi over the mobile app.

What do the big taxi mobile app companies have achieved?

It achieves this i.e., with very minimal time, the passenger can find the cab using the Google Maps which is integrated with the app. Both the passenger and the driver can trace the nearest location thereby reducing the time to wait for the passenger which occurs in a normal situation. You can also track the time and distance of a cab that would reach the passengers’ spot and also in the same way the taxi service the position or location of the cab driver. In so doing, it achieves the faith and assurance of the service provider.
Going by the statistics, the e-hailing apps are seeing an uptrend situation in attracting a good amount of demand in their business which is only going to spread widely in the years to come.
Your prospects in remaining with the biggies

An app that fits in the platforms like iOS and Android with a call center or a technical support team at the assistance is the criteria to be analyzed. It will not take a huge amount of investment considering the fact that the app is going to be in your own city with the IP shared among many taxi businesses.
Consider your pluses like the kind of taxis that you own whether Limousines, SUVs, Sedans etc. Secondly, what type of taxi service that you are going to provide? E-hailing or Conventional straight-routes? This determines the mainstay of your business.