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In Montreal, taxi drivers have started protest against the on demand taxi services uber & lyft earlier this week. Taxi and limousine drivers in Toronto, Montreal & other cities were argued against to uber for depleting their business and also they wants uber should be regulated as like a traditional taxis for continue operating in Canada.

What is regulation & Why it is needed ?

Regulation is an act to accomplish social, political, natural and financial results that would some way or another not be carried out inside of an open commercial center. Along these lines, regulations are particularly fundamental when rivalry inside of a business sector can possibly abuse customers and mischief society. In such examples, regulations are expected to advantage shoppers and drive a more beneficial business environment.

Be that as it may, the advanced commercial center considers regulations as hostile to development and against rivalry. It’s frequently contended that guidelines and regulations are superfluous in light of the fact that market powers can viably direct organizations.

There are few strong reasons, on demand taxi services should be regulated for the below reasons.

1. To prevent riders from surge pricing
2. To avoid decreased vehicle quality
3. To avoid accidents due to less experience cab drivers
4. To avoid high density traffic due to arrivals of new taxis on the road
5. To decrease air pollution due to increased taxis.
6. To drivers become prone due to surge pricing
7. To avoid operations struggled to fund for business due to increased competition

According to the recent online survey about banning app based taxis, most of the Canadian people have recommended to regulate Uber as like traditional taxis. Banning app based taxi services like Uber is not a right option to solve inflation of taxi fares. Regulating these service is a most excellent and affluent competition.