Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) facilitate convenient rides for differently-abled, elderly people and other non-drivers to the healthcare centres. The traditional NEMT segment faces several challenges – from time-lapse in booking rides to lack of transparency – making it less reliable for the healthcare providers and the patients. It is reported that 3.6 million people skip or postpone their medical checkups due to the unavailability of proper transit.

Here is how an on-demand application for NEMT can solve all the issues and make way for the NEMT service providers to offer better service to their potential customers.

Easy booking

When it comes to traditional practice, the hospital authorities contact NEMT service providers over the phone. This may lead to time-lapse especially if the service providers do not respond. Even if they do, it cannot be guaranteed that they have every equipment, ranging from wheelchairs to stretcher cars, as per the needs of the patient. With a paratransit software, either the patient or the healthcare provider can easily book NEMT in a few seconds just like booking a taxi. Similarly, the NEMT service providers can give different vehicle options for their customers to choose from.

Real-time updates

As the conventional NEMT booking happens offline, there is no way for the rides to be tracked once the booking is confirmed. With the GPS tracking feature of NEMT software, the transport service provider gets real-time updates on every on-going ride. While vehicle tracking means safety for the NEMT service providers, they can help healthcare providers and patients gain access to the vehicles’ location and make plans accordingly. This curtails the rate of ride cancellation and increases your business opportunities.

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Customer engagement

NEMT is mostly available for the urban population and the rural areas go without coverage. This unavailability of NEMT is one of the chief reasons behind people missing their healthcare appointments. When it comes to a medical transportation scheduling software, NEMT services cover a wider landscape including rural areas. Providing your target audience with ease of access can boost customer engagement. Increased customer engagement means more revenue for NEMT service providers.

Operational efficiency

The conventional NEMT setup is fragmented with communication barriers between the stakeholders including healthcare providers, insurance companies, transport service providers and patients. This hinders the optimal growth of NEMT segment. As Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Software helps in streamlining operations and boosting overall efficiency, there is greater scope for maximum business productivity.

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