GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation is being an essential part for taxi fleet management, which made ease tracking and calculate precise location of vehicles. For better control, safety and communication, GPS system have became significant one for many business.

Nowadays, there are many taxi companies using GPS system to ensure safety as well as effective cab dispatching at the right time.Assets of GPS Basically in taxi industry, GPS navigation is being used to trace, dispatch & rescue the fleets. It is not only aided for cab drivers but also helps to navigate the cab driver’s location. This advancement allows passenger to set pick up location by using the integrated GPS map system on their smart phone. The dispatcher will get to know either cab driver is in trip nor rest condition throughout tracking system. The technology advancement makes cab booking and dispatching simple and minimizing the effort and time of booking.
Why Cab Companies Need Tracking System ?

GPS system helps cab companies to do fast dispatching as well as it allows to figure out their potential customer over smartphone booking. It allows to find precise location of both taxi and customer so that, dispatcher can assign new request to the closest taxi driver. Since it allows to trace both driver and customer’s location, driver do not worry about unfamiliar customer location and they never miss potential customers.
This system ensures shortest route for traveling, so that cab driver can cut down cost of fuel consumption. The navigation system will provide accurate location of both driver and passenger, in-case of emergency they could call for help through dispatcher. It allows dispatcher to keep monitor their vehicle so they would get to know if any unfortunate thing occurs.