Using dispatch software like Uber, the courier business can have improved efficiency and accuracy in delivering shipments. It reduces the manual dispatch operations as well as saves the time which helps you to stay competitive in the growing industry. There are lots of shippers deploying drones and 3d printing machines to dispatch the goods as faster than ever. However, There is only a few considering conventional dispatch method like using automated software like Uber to improvise the service. There are four reasons your delivery business must have the savviest technology to get improved profit.

FCs supporting DCs

Courier & logistics industry has undergone the extensive transformation over the years as result of technology, globalization & supply chain. The Industrialists are reevaluating their entire supply chain to make dispatching more effective even if it mean that they need to replace their network design. Courier dispatch system connects the Distribution centers (DCs) and fulfillment centers (FCs) which help them to delivery shipments in the single package rather than dispatching from multiple warehouses.

Predictive Delivery

The predictive delivery feature enables the delivery business to make smart decisions in dispatching shipments. This allows tracking precise location and accurate time for delivering the goods to customers which reduce up to 25% of delivery fails. predictive delivery adds the value in the supply chain to estimate the time to delivery goods from fulfillment centers (FCs).

Mobility Solutions

Nowadays, mobile technology made revolutionary changes in the various industries which help on taking orders and dispatching faster than ever. On the other end, Inbuilt GPS tracking, digital proof of deliveries and online payment are performed with the help of mobility solutions available.

Actionable Insights

Re-routing, planning, inventory management, and job allocation become easy with the help of detailed insight achieved from analytics. The greatest part about the data analysis made and applied in dispatch is that the data is created by the in-house operations and will add up in the value of the services provided. The result and powerful dispatchers are able to do with the help of courier dispatch software are worthy in the competitive business.