In the past few years, the mobile application for taxi booking is one of the notable innovations in the taxi industry that enable matchup of driver and passenger in a seamless way. In recent days on-demand taxi services like Uber & Lyft become the big rivalry businesses for traditional taxis; on the other hand, they are slowly getting into app-based taxi services for survival. No matter how the recent fights between the taxi drivers or medallion owners and Uber play out, one thing is obvious that the taxi unions and taxi service providers need to adopt the technology as early as possible and move to a new platform.
Why do they need a mobile app?
In the past decade, hailing taxicabs along the roadside is a hectic job for the passengers. Even if they book a taxi by calling the dispatch service, they have to wait for at least 30 minutes to get the cab. When the on-demand taxis like Uber and Lyft started hitting the market with a mobile app, taxi booking becomes easy and is just a few taps away.
Uber, Lyft, and many other on-demand taxi startups are following a set plan to transform the bothersome experience to a convenient one. This is a kind of revolution in the transportation industry but a necessary one to cope with emerging technology. Taxi application is integrated with a map or location finder that simplifies the process of finding the precise location of passenger and tracking the driver. Both driver and passenger have access to the rating system assuring a part of certainty and support.
White label taxi app facilitates taxi companies to provide faster dispatch service than ever before and also helps passengers to book, track and manage cab booking in a few taps. Online payment is a boon for both the taxi companies as well as passengers to have cashless rides. The customers can also pay for their ride fare through credit card or by cash at their convenience.
With the real-time navigation and tracking facility in taxi app, drivers do not need any guide to reach the drop point; this feature of taxi app provides a secure ride for both the parties.
TaxiMobility has recently launched its 7.0 version of feature-rich white label taxi app to cut down amateur dispatch experience for the taxi companies.