Both Uber and Lyft are becoming giant ride share companies since launched their services over many countries across the world. They are stumbling the taxi business by allowing people to hail taxis over smart phone application. Here is the discrepancy between Uber and Lyft.

Uber Vs Lyft

Uber is a considerably large taxi aggregator running the service over 250 cities in 53 countries. Uber has a simple mobile application that allows people to hail taxi by tapping away. The passenger can download free mobile and create the profile by simply entering name, email, phone number and credit card information. The people can hail a cab by tapping set pick up location button and you need to wait until the driver accept your request. Passenger end they will receive a notification about estimated travel fare as well estimated time of driver’s arrival. Uber offers different type of service for customers that includes uberX, UberXL, UberSUV, UberPLUS, UberLUX. It has combination of both non professional & professional drivers who have passed back ground verifications.
Lyft is a San Francisco based transportation company that offers peer to peer ride sharing service by using smartphone application. Though Uber operating cab service in several countries, Lyft operates only in United states. It connects passenger and driver by tapping away which is a bit similar to Uber. The passenger can log in either by entering name, email, phone number nor Face book. Lyft lets you request a taxi by tapping the Green button and you will receive push notification about ETA of driver. The customer can easily identify a Lyft cars by the large pink mustache attached to the car’s front.
Though Lyft has a huge transportation network, it only operates in US cities. But uber runs in 130 developed cites because geographical access of Uber’s service. However, Lyft is offering more transparency to their drivers and customers.