As travel being a significant piece of our work, business companies have taken different measures to make travel to work for their employees simple and inconvenience free. Sometimes Public vehicles turn into an issue particularly when one needs to arrive on schedule. So Taxi service is becoming an important transportation mode in most of the  cities.

A large portion of the corporate individuals utilizing taxis for their every day transportation need. There are some critical issues at present persevering with working individuals like timely arrival and security.

Thus practically all corporates have made taxis accessible through different taxi vendors in an offer to ensure that their employees don’t miss significant gatherings, and arrive at work on schedule. Corporate taxis help employees an extraordinary arrangement particularly when they need to travel long distances for work.

TaxiMobility gives web based corporate taxi dispatch programming to book their taxis or cabbies online from the solace of their own home or office. This also permits the vehicle group to get to and secure all the information of their workers.

Why should you prefer a corporate taxi solution?

Corporate individuals basically face two issues with regards to booking a taxi service, which is, time delay and security. From the security point of view, it is significant that each taxi software company is enrolled and managed by the local governments.

To encourage security and guarantee that the corporate workers’ time is saved is an enormous test for taxi booking companies.

Also Employees have a bunch of expectations for their own all things considered. These include: 

  • For those working in shifts, they expect to get a cab on time.
  • Taxi booking with flexibility.
  • An issue free expense management. 
  • Simple repayments and invoice accessibility.

Let us look at the reasons in detail for having a corporate taxi solution for your company:

Customer Safety

The Safety for employees at the work environment and while travelling has become the middle purpose of corporate morals recently. Due to numerous undesirable cases identifying with employees wellbeing, numerous companies are finding a way to establish a safe and secure environment for working people. That’s why most of the  taxi company guarantee you to give 24*7 taxi service to your workers.

Easy cab availability

Accessibility of taxis is something critical. In any case, some of the time it might happen that the adequate rides for the employees are not accessible because of peak hours. So it might happen that the employees failed to catch their planes or they got late in arriving at their area.

By utilizing a taxi dispatch solution, you can get the taxis effectively for your employees. Presently your workers don’t need to hang tight for their rides.

Complete billing & payments

A corporate taxi booking solution can furnish the corporates with more noteworthy straightforwardness in charging. It gives an e-bill that shows the details regarding the rides like the name of the driver, taxi number, ride timings, duration, charges, and etc.

By revealing these details altogether, you can fabricate trust among your users. Additionally, you can figure out any exchanges on the off chance that you need to confirm it later on.

Ride monitoring

A component rich taxi solution can assist you with adapting up to these issues. It offers you a constant GPS tracker with the goal that you can follow the taxi’s location whenever. Likewise, you can guarantee that if your vehicle is on the correct route or not by utilizing a real-time tracking solution.

You can execute a SOS button in your taxi. It is utilized to help the travelers in case of an emergency. At the point when a user utilizes this, a message is sent to their family or companions about their circumstance. Additionally, the corporate company and taxi company will be informed about their worker’s situation and you will get immediate help.

Essential features of a corporate taxi solution

There is a difference between the needs of a corporate company and individual. If you are providing service as an individual, then there will be only one customer who you need to take care of but If you are providing service to a corporate company, then you should take care of huge peoples. In such a circumstance, a corporate taxi solution can be useful to you.

Listed below are the essential  features of an corporate taxi solution:

Corporate panel

One of the most fundamental features of a corporate taxi booking system is a corporate panel. With this panel, the admin will handle all the activities related to taxi booking and will take proper actions according to that.

With the corporate administrator panel, the corporate company can check the each day’s rides of each employee. These rides can also be figured out according to the day by day, week after week and yearly premise. This makes managing business simple for the administrator.

Corporate Invoicing

With a taxi booking solution which is automated, you can permit your employees or users to pay their orders on a month to month or fortnightly premise. Likewise, you can send them updates for the forthcoming exchanges.

Taxi booking solution is with highlighted features i.e the charging and invoice. This one additionally permits you to deal with your charging method effectively. Likewise, you can choose a distinctive charging method for various corporate customers.

Custom Pricing

You can also customize your pricing by utilizing a corporate taxi framework. Under this custom pricing, you can offer an adaptable estimating design to your corporate customer.

Let’s say that one of your corporate customers has its business procedure for a huge scope, at that point he can bear the cost of a higher installment. However, then again you have a few customers who can’t bear the cost of such high rates. By utilizing a corporate taxi booking framework, you can undoubtedly customize your estimating structure according to the company. Along these lines, you don’t need to miss your clients.

How on-demand taxi business solutions can help taxi companies?

Taxi companies are continually searching for a way that can produce higher incomes for them. Presently you don’t have to look further, simply utilize a taxi business solution in your business and begin giving consistent taxi services to your customers.

Here is the manner by which a taxi arrangement can help your company:

Fixed Income

It has seen that regularly the taxi companies don’t get the rides continually. At times a traveler may drop the ride or the driver drops a ride because of some basic circumstance. Subsequently you need to lose your rides in the two cases.

A corporate taxi booking system empowers you to get a predictable income source. At the point when you give a taxi service for a corporate, you can get a drawn out customer and you don’t have to go to discover customers here and there.

On the off chance that you offer better types of service to your corporate customers, there can be a solid chance that their workers may begin utilizing your taxi service. Thus, you can have a chance to get planned customers.

Corporate client management

Exact customer management becomes significant with regards to giving taxi service. On the off chance that you are having various corporate customers, it gets extreme for you to oversee them. With a taxi booking solution, you can without much of a stretch deal with your corporate customer by making their profiles.

Likewise, you can get each information in a solitary spot. You can exclusively check the live situations with the rides like progressing, forthcoming or finished for each customer. You can deactivate a customer’s profile after the culmination of the agreement.

Corporate Taxi Booking System


Administration quality can straightforwardly influence the incomes of the business and the equivalent can be said about the taxi business moreover. Taxi organizations have profited by the usage of innovation in their business as it has permitted them to offer better types of assistance to their clients. Begin giving agreeable taxi booking administrations to your corporate customers with TaxiMobility productive taxi booking arrangement.

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