There is a record rate of investment in the taxi industry business in UK what with the rise of mobile app solutions, the taxi business in UK has an equal opportunity among taxi companies. Valued at 9 billion pounds the taxi business in UK, there is a rush of openings for technology to be introduced and infused into it to bring out more and more income prospects.

Taxi apps are the talking point which is expected to solve many problems for the taxi industry. There is already Hailo, UK’s taxi app company and along with it Uber – US’ app company looking to invest more money into this industry. The London’s black cabs and other small players hold the market currently with cost of black cabs being a little expensive compared to others. But experts are concerned about the business outside the city.The situation is not the same outside London where many customers are not easier to get.

So, a collaboration between taxi companies and drivers is expected to solve the needs of the customers. The traditional phone booking for taxis in UK has long been in practice and is a very difficult task to convince both the customers as well as the taxi companies to bring their service and ask them to invest in taxi dispatch software. As people are stuck to their old way of life, an app’s life is expected to deliver faster to the customers and keep up customer satisfaction.

There are many questions to be answered even as Hailo could do its part in delivering to a busy market such as airport pick ups and drops for business people. Secondly, cess and tax issues which will go for a toss, to both the customers and taxi company. The result is it will reflect in the entire country’s taxi business when comparing the accounts of return on income and its investment. It should not set a bad example like the Shangai market.

But it must be agreed that nothing will change overnight for the app companies though slow and steadier approach with balanced work structure between taxi companies and drivers will do much better scope. Without profitable income prospects, drivers will not cooperate with the tech apps companies and chances of immediate revenues cannot be expected.

Taxicode is a startup firm that promises to connect all apps of taxi companies and work on a common platform simultaneously. Let us see what is in store for the future technological adventures like self-driving car by Google and other innovations.