The giant taxi aggregator, Uber is introducing UberFresh, a food delivery service. It is available from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm for lunch and dinner timings are from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm. This app is still in the experimental stage and the areas that is being launched on trial basis are Santa Monica, Westside, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood.

The icon with a small fork and knife is designed and displayed at the right side of the Uberapp. It is functioning on regular weekdays and closed on weekends. The beta service will spread across all over the country depending upon the responses from people.
You are offered with a free delivery package charging for the meal around $12 per meal. Delivery is at the kerbs that is, it will come to your pavement outside your address rather than door delivery. Expected time of delivery is around 10 minutes.
Other than Uberfresh, Uber is also researching on expanding its horizon like UberCorner Store. This is also a pilot version in the making and trying it at areas like Washington DC offering corner stone items. This might spell competition with other similar delivery apps like Postmates etc.
Uber’s strength and advantage is its network of drivers. Cashing in on this advantage, Uber is trying to bring out press-on services for almost everything . But for that it has to test it first through pilot versions only.
As for the UberFresh, there are partners associating with Uber like STK, the Counter, Tramezzino, LIttle Fork and others. The company also promises to reduce if not eradicate the hassles faced in long queues in restaurants, poor delivery times etc.