In India, Taxi services have seen a lot of hurdles after the taxi driver’s sexual assault in New Delhi. This incident sparked many protests and regulatory issues again taxi cab industry which caused to pulling out mobile based taxi services on the roads.

Finally the New Delhi Government approved taxi aggregators like uber, ola & taxiforsure to operate taxis under radio taxi scheme. However, The general manager of Uber India said that uber is planning to launch two major safety features on its application.
In an application, the user will find an SOS panic button which would allow passengers to send emergency alter message to local police. Another safety feature is safety net which would allow to share their current location and trip details to maximum five friends or family members. This SOS emergency button will be an efficient way to face down wear & tear. There are no way to ensure hardware devices are working fine in all situations. But this additional safety features could help you to send an alert message at atrocious situations.
The General manager outlined that every existing uber driver has shared their details to the city transportation department and crime branch directly. He also said, there is an international wide background check program will be implemented, this step verification could weed out criminals. Uber is also planning to establish special customer support for any local law enforcement officers during distress situations.
As part of resuming its taxi service in New Delhi, Finally Uber commits to adding safety features and driver background check for safety concern.