It is really hard for everyone to make more money, taxi cab drivers would probably wonder about how to earn more bucks. All you need to do is to spend less time on the social media apps and promote your taxi business by connecting customers. Though it is not a abrupt way of earning money, you could explore more customers by using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. We are in the emerging internet world and it is being a key part of businesses to reach an audience.

Here some the tips for drivers to earn more money:

1. Publicize your business cards or e brochure on your personal social media or company’s fan page. This would make aware of your brand name so that passengers will call you when they need a taxi cab service.
2. Keep updated with your special offers and holiday schedules on social media, so that you could reach the potential customers.
3. Publicize your vehicles and types of service you offer
4. Cabbies are like local ambassador, so be interactive with your customers over social media. So that let them know about your locality

Make sure the following frequent updates on your social page:

* Keep posting the tourist places which has no familiarity
* Share local restaurant information and the best places to avail quality foods
* Spots to get remembrance
* Don’t forget to post your contact information

5. Become a friend with other cabbies
6. Be updated with hospitals, shelters, motels, bars and sharing your information.
7. Try to post some helpful stuffs and basic tips for travelers, It will help to spread your name and company name.