Whenever you begin a startup investment, there are existing entrepreneurs who will emphasize their views about the funding of your business, about product distribution, about recruiting employees and so on. But what you have to understand and gauge from it is how you combine these with your selling points. There is bound to be contradictions even between your advisors and you, but it is essential to take the top cream out of it.

Verify your financial assumptions are in realistic terms Venture capital investment aspirants jump into a utopian dream that their businesses will reach sky high in terms of dollars and expect to project high volumes of financial results. But it is not so. Instead of believing in imaginary solutions, try to analyze it in realistic terms and discuss your business objectives with experienced investment agents. Base your growth on realistic market values. Suppose you are selling cans that is dependent on other products like oil, then you have to consider the fluctuations in the prices of oil too. Dependencies matter in selling.
If you try to represent something larger than the real life scenario or expect to get more returns out of your overestimations, then it can prove detrimental.

Paying your employees

Here comes the most challenging task: paying to your employees. Some companies pay according to the market value but some people may pay a basic amount plus equity sharing options to employees. Much depends on your profitability and stability of your business. It is better to be honest than to be hiding the facts. Because if a situation of risk arises – if funding has backfired, then products won’t sell, then you are in a difficult place to answer. Employees are the people who will be directly affected. Corresponding rise in pay packages as your business grows will be a better way to apportion profits with your employees. Give it in written agreement of your employees and explain the perks and benefits that you are going to offer in writing.

Enlist your initial clients’ success stories

It is always interesting to note the initial opportunity that you get from your first clients. Enlist them to attract more investors and partners. This sometimes helps boost more business and financial support even before minting profits stage. Provide access to beta introduction of your service. Make it special for the customers. Create a hustle and bustle on your web pages and advertisements, blogs etc.