Nowadays mobile based taxi hailing have been optimizing cab companies by smartphones and tablets.  This new technology  promptly increasing in  several developed and developing countries to enjoy the taxi ride with less effort. Numerous taxi companies consider using personal smart phones for their in vehicle dispatching. This may cause several negative impressions while cabbies using consumer smart phones for their in-vehicle dispatch needs.
Cautions of using personal smart phones

1. Typically personal Smartphones and tablets are expensive and high resale value, incorporate with their portability, this may lead to theft or make target to break vehicle glass.

2. Smartphones has a small internal antenna for receiving and transmitting calls which are not as much sensitive. This could cause limit reception of calls when the signal is week or while the cube is moving fast. Also the GPS sensitivity can be low in wi-fi enables devices because it requires proper cellular connectivity for update the location.

3. Some inexpensive mobile phones might be good as well bit harder to operate more efficiently, this would make cabbies difficult to accept, reject and find locations . Sometimes upgraded applications cannot run in older version of phones and its operating system.

4.It is not recommended to leave in parked taxis, because the pan temperature may exceed the tolerance range. However cabbies more often take the device with them, sometimes this will drop or broken and GPS will locate only the device not the parked vehicle.

5. Mobile phones are not supposed to design to communicate with taxi meters, so surge pricing is a common barrier of using Smartphones. The mobile phone has several entertainment features which could distract the driver and that may cause safety concerns. So separate software to lock or monitor the driver’s behaviour.