This has become a common news that Uber is seen as a menace to other taxi companies. Everyday some or the other news comes up as to how to tackle the Uber competition with other taxi industry or how Uber has taken over the traditional cabs out of business.

Let us discuss how taxi companies can take precautions and what strategies must they implement to compete with Uber:
Pricing strategy
Uber does not have any standard pricing strategy which is its strength as well as its weakness. Sometimes, it appears expensive and another time it is the much needed service for people who wouldn’t want to wait for an ordinary service. On contrast, taxis are regulated by any governmental authority in a country or state, therefore, most of the time, it can be appearing as an expensive fare to customers.

So, this pricing variations has infuriated the taxi companies since Uber is trying to take advantage of the metered taxis which is affecting the taxi driver’s income and revenue.
Many cab drivers have started protesting against the ridesharing company.
Give more effective service

Let your taxi service be pruned up a little bit so that you provide a neat and clean passenger experience. It is understandable that taxi drivers pick up and drop a lot within a given period of time , but at the same time, if you consider maintaining your cab neat everytime a passenger gets in, then it would be an added advantage and there’s no possibility of shunning you off. Secondly, providing an app that is competing enough with Uber has become a necessity today, because the features that Uber gives is way far ahead when compared to other taxi apps. This helps in finding out the nearby cab availability and reduces a lot of time and effort on both sides of taxi drivers as well as the customers. There are times other than peak hours that you can make use of, to fill in the financial gap.
Ensure that you do not give late service

This happens many times with the cabs – you book a taxi for a time specified and it doesn’t arrive in time. Moreover, the driver calls you after you have jumped over to another taxi. The way to solve this problem is that you make sure that you dont make a late booking. In most of the cases, the customer would have booked an hour or more earlier to your cab, so it definitely cannot be complained from the customer’s side if you arrive late at their doors. There’s no traffic or any other reasons you can give. If it happens at times, you can give a free service or a discount offer.