At the present moment, app based taxi booking system is rising very fast over many Asian countries. The new technology promising and convincing people to enjoy the hassle free taxi ride by having smartphone apps. Also, riding taxi cabs became an essential and bit luxurious part of people’s lives that allows real time location tracking.

Taxi booklets over smartphone apps are kept increasing in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Hongkong, and even the Middle East. Commuters and passenger in these regions are enjoying the convenience of taxi booking system.
There are several third party taxi booking applications such as uber, grab taxi, ola, ola cab is being popular in Asian market. Though there are different regulatory issues on app based taxi companies, it has been expanded into several Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Hong kong. Taxihero is an another mobile app for taxi booking which has been aggressively established over the cities in Hong kong and the Philippines. This app available in both IOS and Android platform which ensures ease of taxi booking.
In Vietnam, there is an app called topics which is intended to developed for tourist visitors. It is specially developed with a translation facility which would help to break the language barrier. In Cebu, a city south of Manila Micab is making a drastic revolution in the taxi industry. The application being developed by Filipino which has a capability of booking cabs without internet connection.
There are several cab hailing applications that have made their way to ease of taxi riding from one place to another. It would seem that taxi fare, which differ appropriately, is considered money well spent by users. More analogous cab hailing applications will be expected to launch in Asia over the next few months.