Taxicabs are becoming an essential transportation mode and also growing fast in some cities, yet still emerging in other cities. Since hail a cab at late night, taxi apps have been playing vital role on booking taxis over tapping away. Traditional cab booking methods will no longer available to hail cabs on street corners rather mobile apps to make finding & booking taxicabs over smartphone application. Here are the best five taxi apps for hailing local cabs.


Although uber has launched in 2009, it is one of the legacy taxi booking application which is evolved in 48 countries over the world. It is a simple mobile app available in both android and IOS which allows passengers to book taxis with one tap rather you don’t want to book in advance. It has an automatic fare calculator and also you will find estimated travel cost before made the request. You can also find estimated arrival time and exact location of your driver.


Hailo is an analogous taxi booking application like uber, available on nationwide in Singapore, Ireland, Madrid and Barcelona. Although you find several apps for taxi booking, Hailo is a one simple application, you can choose pick up location and car which literally allow you to complete cab hailing process with two steps.

Addison Lee

Addison Lee is one among biggest fleet in Europe, running 25,000 journeys per day. Though it has estimated travel fare and taxi arrival time features, its is quite unique from rival apps which allows to book taxis upto three months before. Addison Lee has another feature called “Take Me Home” which makes easy cab booking from anywhere to home.


Bounce is a safest and convenient taxi booking app lets you to hail a TfL licensed minicab. So you don’t worry about unsafe taxi ride and also it will show off fixed taxi fare before you made booking.


Unlike other taxi booking apps, Kabbee is providing an affordable travel quote to the passengers. It is focusing on minicab service for middle men, So it will save money and effort. This app allows you to select the type of vehicle standard, estate, or MVP cars, as well as extra features like child seats.