While the taxi apps are flourishing, have people come to an assumption if the taxi companies are just intermediaries? This would be detrimental to the taxi service when looking at an overall perspective and from an organizational viewpoint.

So, what can be improved to stay competitive?

Create a Feedback format to Drivers

In order to keep your service smooth and reach the objectives, which in other words, your dispatchers or drivers must be friendly and cooperative to you as well as to the clients. Especially when they are working model is outdoors? A good motivation to employees is not an increase in salary alone. Similarly, the same situation when juxtaposed to taxi drivers, one must be genuinely interested and understand the care and concerns of others is going to be the factor that will be helpful rather than the salary or incentive part of the business.

Therefore, create a feedback set-up so that you can measure the obligation and liability that a driver is contributing. For the management part, this will bring light as to who is promising and who is disobeying etc.

Improve better exchange between operators and drivers

Most of the times we hear from passengers is the time that the drivers promised is never reached. The result is the customer missing an important event or planned journey. This may happen because of miscommunication between the operator and the driver sometimes.

The solution is to promise the customer the right time instead of unattainable or impossible time of arrival. Thus, prepare correctly based on the traffic, driver’s location and the passengers’ and then convey the right timings for arrival. Here the operator must identify any problems and act keen on this.

Provide right kind of environment and apparatus for the operator

This is about the right amount of investment on the operator’s solutions like the cloud based dispatch system, good part of training them on communication protocols etc. but the main part is providing them with the right kind of tools for dispatching. Bigger than taking the order which just takes a few seconds, the system must be simple enough to update necessary details like picking up the address details and update them on regular basis. Google Autocomplete is a wonderful tool to engage with the operators that fetches the local address spots and locations quite effortlessly.

Build Online Marketing

This is nothing but creating a webpage for the customers that can book online too. Distribute it to facebook, twitter and other social networking sites as well. The point is to achieve accessibility across various locations for e.g., a person travelling from Coimbatore to Australia can find using the same app a local taxi after reaching there! Imagine the marketing feature here!

Lend Discounts, coupons and offers

Finally, the enticing element i.e., discounts for the customers who are regular to your taxi service. Creating sponsorships/partnerships with hotels, cafeterias etc. will go a long way in delivering value to your customers.