Sneak Peek of TaxiMobility

Since its inception in 2012, TaxiMobility has been enhanced with advanced features to meet market requirements and support on-demand transportation businesses in all means. Serving the on-demand industry for over years, we know the pulse of the market and are upgrading TaxiMobility with trending features on regular intervals based on the client requirements, thereby help taxi companies compete with industry giants like Uber, Lyft, etc. We have sculptured this exclusive taxi management software as a solution for various on-demand services such taxi, paratransit/NEMT (non-emergency medical transit), limousine, bike taxi, charter bus, school and corporate shuttle services, and fleet management. Here are a few product highlights that make TaxiMobility unique:

  • White labeled
  • Cloud deployment
  • User-friendly apps for passengers and drivers
  • All-inclusive administrative platform
  • Exclusive dispatcher and company consoles
  • Advanced features

With all the advancements and updates, TaxiMobility has attained its excellence, and a lot more is on its way.

Highlights of 2018

As always, 2018 was a great year for TaxiMobility. We have upgraded our taxi dispatch software with all-new features. We have acquired a handful of clients who are doing great with our software and dispatching vehicles seamlessly. Following is a list of features that have been implemented in the product last year:

  • Dynamic SMS gateway solution
  • Waiting charge calculation
  • SendGrid added for all email transactions
  • Live car movement on the home screen
  • Two package plans: Rental and Outstation
  • Subscription driving plan
  • Mapbox integration
  • The Portuguese language has been added
  • The product has been made GDPR compliant
  • SOS button
  • Multiple-booking option for passengers
  • Settlement module with tax calculation
  • Stripe payment method
  • Model-based commission

Upcoming Features in 2019

TaxiMobility is a visionary product and has a lot of plans in the pipeline to be implemented in the forthcoming years. Geofencing, Corporate, and AI touch are a few features that we are planning to add on in 2019.

  • Geofencing
  • Geofencing would be the trending concept in the ride-hailing industry in recent days. We have started implementing the geofencing in TaxiMobility, which is in the development stage and will go live in the month of February.

  • Corporate
  • Based on the surging requirements of our clients, the TaxiMobility team is planning to incorporate a module for corporate booking, which in the discussion.

  • AI Touch
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has penetrated deeply into many industries and is transforming businesses to the core. As TaxiMobility has been indented to disrupt the taxi industry, we are planning to implement AI-based demand prediction in the software as a first step that will be followed by route optimization and autonomous dispatch.

As the industry is advancing at a faster pace, we are indulged in making TaxiMobility suitable for everything that moves people, which will be the one-stop solution for all on-demand transits. We use this opportunity to thank our clients, associates, supporters, and everyone for helping us reach this success. Looking forward to the same in the upcoming days too.