Taximobility has released its newer version of its taxi software 1.1.3 on 10th March, 2015 for both passengers and taxi drivers. The passenger apps are for the passengers and the taxi app for the taxi drivers. The new version introduces new features for the taxi booking passengers app as well as for the drivers using the taxi app.

The passenger app includes features like adding favorites where passengers can add their preferred locations as favorites so as to give them the convenience of booking in future. Passengers can decide the estimated travel fare and the model of the vehicle in this new version. They can view details of past trips and create scheduled bookings so that passengers can make a list of their per-booking. The passenger app also gives an improved location search option for both pick-up and drop facility and improved search function for finding nearby taxis.
The new app introduces discount offers by using promo codes for the passengers. Available in international languages like Turkish, Arabic and Russian, it promises a lot of advanced features and performance with bug fixes.
Now, for the Driver app part, Taximobility has created and enhanced a new user interface where the drivers can view their current and previous trip details. Through improvements and bug fixes, the driver app also has accessibility to the international languages mentioned above.