Taxi World Turkey is a first ever exhibition for the taxi industries that will propose air and sea taxis, taximeters, taxi safety measures, cab dispatch systems, and automatic sub industry products in Istanbul, Turkey. This event must become an imperative business meet where exhibitors are introduced about new technology and its potential are discussed.

This event will be visited by fleet owners, cab drivers and taxi dispatchers and they could collect latest technology. All over this event, the taxi cab industry will be explored completely at different seminars.
Taxi World Turkey is going to bring taxi industry in to next level in the Istanbul expo centre which is organized by HKF Trade Fairs. The purpose of accelerating industry trade volume by introducing new technology developments, innovations, products and services. Moreover this show will bring producers of taxi industries together with the visitors from February 5 to 8 at expo centre. The mega city Istanbul is going to convene thousands of Turkish, international industrialists and visitors.
This is very fist taxi event going to exhibit products like Auto-mobile Spare Parts & Systems, Repair and Maintenance Equipment, Accessories & Services , Engine Oils and Additives , Brake and Engine Systems and Spare Parts , Filters, Valves, Piston and Suspension Parts, Auto Electrical Systems,Automated Cab Dispatcher System, Car Wash and Floor Systems, Car Interior Design and Auto Exterior Coating, Car Wash, Tools for Service, Public Transport, Infrastructure, Information Technology etc. At the end of the segment, all products information will be disclosed by the large profile of exhibitors.
Who Will Be There ?

1.Taxi Owners
2.Taxi Drivers
3.Taxi Stand Owners
4.Travel Agencies
5.IT and Management Systems
6.Taxi Cab Dispatchers
For Further information on taxi solutions, please visit our website. We are glad to invite you for Taxi World Turkey 2015 and explore the latest technology and it’s development on taxi industry.