TaxiMobility has been acknowledged as the top-rated taxi management software by the world’s leading market reporters. It has no wonder that being in the industry for over a decade, we are providing software solutions to the taxi businesses by understanding the market needs and key requirements in order to help them stay competitive and meet their customer requirements.

Since its inception, TaxiMobility is transforming the taxi companies and disrupting the taxi industry for over years and trusted by over 500+ on-demand transportation companies across the globe. TaxiMobility has been featured as the best taxi management software in several reports and research projects related to ride-hailing software. Here are a few to list down:

  • Market Watch has profiled TaxiMobility as one of the major players in its “Global Taxi Dispatch Software Market Advanced Technology, Future Opportunities And Forecast 2019-2028”.
  • In Medium, Steven Smith has described TaxiMobility as “the best Cloud based Taxi Management App solution company…”.
  • OpenPR has listed TaxiMobility as a key player in the taxi dispatch software market in its two different reports (1) and (2).
  • TaxiMobility has been mentioned as the major player in the taxi dispatch software sector by the Digital Journal in its press release.
  • ABNEWSWIRE has studied TaxiMobility in its report “Global Taxi & Limousine Software Market 2018 Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Type, Application, Analysis and Forecast by 2025”.
  • Industry Today has analyzed TaxiMobility in its “Global Taxi & Limousine Software Market 2018-2024 Growth, Trends and Demands Research Report”.
  • TaxiMobility has been featured as the key manufacturer of taxi management software in a report by Quest Foresight.
  • QYR Research Report has defined TaxiMobility as the key player in the industry.
  • Industry News Network has also mentioned TaxiMobility as one of the key players in the ride-hailing software industry.
  • And a report presented by Transportation Voice has specified TaxiMobility as an emerging player with some secret strategies.

Know More about TaxiMobility

TaxiMobility is a top-notch, Cloud-based taxi management app solution company that takes on the ride-hailing businesses to the next level by providing a world-class taxi dispatch software to manage and automate taxi-booking operations. The taxi aggregators can automate operations, save time, reduce costs, and take control of entire business operations with an eminent taxi dispatch software that is a:

  • Reliable software,
  • White-label and scalable solution, and
  • Flexible to acquire.

TaxiMobility Features

Taximobility provides its customers with the following supportive applications and administrative panels for effective business operations:

1. Passenger App

The TaxiMobility passenger app is for effortless booking in a few taps. Our world’s leading white-label taxi dispatch software allows the taxi service provides stay competitive in the market and automate bookings with the passenger app with their own brand logo and identity. It also offers the taxi service providers with more booking channels with which they can offer their passengers more options to send their trip requests by using the taxi-booking app or from the website of the taxi company.

2. Driver App

A user-friendly driver app of TaxiMobility with simplistic features and stress-free performance empowers drivers of taxi companies to take up trips conveniently, deliver solutions on time, track locations easily, and stay proactive, thereby helping the service providers keep their drivers productive and happy.

3. Dispatcher Console

TaxiMobility’s dispatch system is to simplify the troublesome dispatching process and support dispatchers in assigning vehicles to drivers, tracking vehicles and drivers in real time, distributing jobs fairly, and monitoring all operations from a single platform.

4. Admin Panel

The TaxiMobility admin panel is nothing but an online office for the business operators from where they can monitor the pulse of their business and manage every operation of their taxi company with built-in analytical tools, tracking system, custom reports, and many more.

TaxiMobility is now supporting on-demand transportation businesses such as taxi, paratransit, limousine, bike taxi, bus charter, and shuttle services. As a way to meet the growing demand in the ever-evolving industry, it has a lot of futuristic plans to implement advanced technologies like AI into the system for more improved performance. Stay tuned for more!

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