We are excited to announce the partnership between TaxiMobility and Live Dial 24, a leading virtual dispatcher system.

Live Dial 24 provides customer service solutions to clients across the US and UK. With over 20+ years of experience in the field, Live Dial 24 are renowned for their 24/7 dispatch solutions across 25+ industries.

In terms of taxi businesses, Live Dial 24 harbors a team of customer service agents who are equipped to handle any dispatch software. This way, they have no difficulty in adapting to any dispatching needs. And with the ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ model and ‘charged-by-the-minute’ package, they offer a cost-effective solution where customers pay only for the time the agents have taken up a call. Additionally, Live Dial 24 offers virtual assistants and VIP concierge services aimed at complete customer satisfaction.

When it comes to the taxi industry, responsiveness and service standards of the dispatchers are the foundation of a taxi business. Hiring a team of dispatchers on your own can be expensive and not to mention the extensive training involved in the process. Live Dial 24 can be an ideal partner for taxi businesses who seek quality, cost-effective customer service agents.

Since our inception, we have focused on empowering taxi businesses across the globe with innovative technology solutions. And with our recent partnership with Live Dial 24, we hope to bring our customers the very best tools needed to grow their business.

About Live Dial 24

Live Dial 24 is a call center service provider based out in Hollywood, Florida and with their presence in the United Kingdom. Their offerings include 24/7 dispatching services, customer service agents and virtual assistants. For over 20 years, clients across verticals – such as transportation, manufacturing, construction and more – trust Live Dial 24 for their quality solutions.

Want to know more about Live Dial 24? Ready to try out their reputable services for your taxi business? Talk to our team today to connect with them.

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