Taxi mobility is the right taxi dispatch system to book taxi at anytime from anywhere using the cloud computing (Saar) method. This mobile app helps to connect the nearest taxi driver with the passenger via taxi booking. The GPS based facility tracks the taxi on the map and informs the passenger about the taxi arrival.

The customer can cancel the booking at anytime flexibly. The payments can also be made flexibly using credit card or cash. The passenger will receive receipts via email.Taxi mobility app is quite useful for the taxi company to establish their brand name with custom designed app with personalized logo. The app supports multiple language and multiple currencies which makes it favorable for the app users as well as app providers. The customer details and accounts can be stored in the database.. The main attraction of taxi mobility app is that it is very much within the budget.

The dispatchers can manage the taxi booking easily. The passengers can fill their address details automatically by selecting the location on the map. Options are available for setting favorite location and favorite journey which becomes easier for the passengers to book a cab from anywhere by logging in with the credentials. They can also login using Face book login details.

The passengers can share their trip experience on social media such that it becomes an unpaid ad for the taxi company to get fame. The passengers can also update the trip history. They can also share the details with their friends and relatives via Face book, Twitter, Email, or SMS.

The passengers can book the taxi by contacting the dispatcher who allots the driver. The GPS tracking facility makes the taxi to be visible on the map. The passengers can view the approaching cab on the map. The driver can know the location of the passenger while the dispatcher can monitor the whole trip by tracking via GPS facility.

Once when a trip request is placed by the passenger, the driver who is near by the passenger place is alerted with message to accept the trip. If the driver fails to accept the trip request or declines the trip request within the 60 seconds, then the call is automatically diverted to the next nearest driver. If driver accepts, then the trip confirmation notification is sent to the passenger. The passenger can do advance booking within 24hours. They can reschedule or cancel trip at any point in time.

The fare is calculated automatically based on the distance between the pick up spot and the destination. Once when the cab reaches the pickup spot, the customers are informed with push notification. The dispatcher can search and find the trip based on passenger name, driver name, taxi number, date-wise, or with transaction id. Recurrent booking can be managed by the dispatcher.

Taxi mobility has an user friendly admin panel. It provides reports and statistical information to the dispatcher who have separate secured login credentials. The database of the taxi such as taxi model, taxi capacity, taxi amenities, taxi number, taxi image, taxi fare etc can be stored and managed by the dispatcher. Entire taxi booking and dispatch process is 99% automated by the taxi mobility which makes the app to be reliable and secured.