The way of hailing taxi cab has been changing rapidly over many cities and booking cars with mobile apps becoming luxurious part of the life. In most developed countries people are no longer booking cabs by using phone calls and payment through cash. Although the technology has extended in many countries, still this booking model is curious for many cities to adopt this idea.
Mobile technology has immensely changed several things based on customer behaviour and also the way of non digital business operations. The GPS enabled mobile technology to obviously make people to minimize booking and cab dispatching jobs. This allows passengers to give request for a ride through smart phone and driver can accept the request to dispatch cars at the right time. This digital dispatch system brings drivers and passengers to optimize the way of using cab rides.

Cab booking applications are integrated with online payments which would speed up the booking and payments so that drivers can avoid risky situation of handling cash. The passenger does not need to argue with the driver about surge pricing, it makes people more convenient to pay as they travelled. Easy tracking system is advantageous for both people to track their location each other so the time to dispatch the cars apparently reduced.

Mobile app taxi booking is comparatively safe and secure way of reserving cabs and payment methods. Cab companies deploying taxis to the passenger’s location based on its availability and driver can able to accept or reject the request by a single tap. The passenger can able to book a normal cab or limo at one they wish to ride and integrated mapping system will show the travelling path. Typically this allows people to find the nearby taxi and helps to track their car location in real time. By adding even more extra features can bring this mobile technology becoming essential.