Uber has announced its third-party app service where a new ‘request’ endpoint from its API will enable developers to request rides and dispatch drivers through their own app. It promises also other API endpoints to be avaiable soon.

Other possible API endpoints that Uber may bring out is ‘displaying price estimates’ , ‘time estimates’, ‘explore a user’s activity’ etc. There is a lot of positive response from the developing partners across such as Starwood Hotels and Resorts worldwide, Citymapper, Transit App and Trip Advisor.
Initially announced as third-party apps giving details about a ride from their own app with a request function. Now, Uber has expanded the functionality by adding a ‘Request Endpoint’ enabling third-party developers to let users request Uber rides from their own apps without being redirected to Uber app.
It is also holding an hackathon for promoting its API. The top 5 apps will be displayed on Uber’s website and will win a trip to Uber HQ. So, what it the advantage of this extended service? Using this API integration, developers can add Uber’s app services into various other apps. It helps as much as picking up a user waiting for bus or train or any other destination. It includes note taking and calendars that will schedule prior bookings also. So far, these are the possiblities that it can be put to use.
What about the other developments for Uber? It has introduced Google map integration with its app in India. This currently works in some of the major cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. When users search for their destination on the map, it enables the app to make a request for ride as well.
All said, it needs an Uber account to login to the app. Otherwise its a smooth ride for the new API integrated users. For the drivers in Uber, this is great business opportunity and ensures rise in number of ride requests in the coming period.Uber has also come front on the employment opportunities in India. It announced creation of 1 million jobs for women drivers by 2020.