A Taxi ride is becoming an essential, affordable and most convenient transport mode for people’s lives. However, with the every advantage there is detriment. Crime on taxi cab drivers and passengers are keep increasing which is making an extremely unpleasant traveling circumstance for passengers. Here are the safety buzz for both taxi drivers and passengers to stay safe while taxi ride.

Pre Planning & Booking

Most of the taxi service providers having an individual website or mobile app for cab booking. If you are determined to have cab ride, then do pre planning and booking to avoid hazardous situationist.

Enroll Taxi Regulations

There are different regulations are being followed in many countries. For instance, if you are hailing cab in New your city, cabbie should not charge anything for luggage & baggage. So educate yourself before booking or hailing local cabs.

Perceive You Cab Service Provider

While get around your taxi, please make note of that the taxi service provider name and registration number. Don’t averse to ask cabbie’s name and association ID proof, this pre check will help you to file complete when it is needed.

Pay More Attention

If you are curious to the new location, your taxi driver might take you on long route. Before moving to any new location learn city map or have GPS enabled smartphone with you.