The driver app is one of the elegant features of the taxi dispatching solution. If you are in the taxi business, you might have understood that the drivers are the key players in the taxi business as the entire business revolves around drivers. It is more important to equip them with the advanced, feature-rich application to make your taxi business a profitable one.

Considering the convenience of the drivers, the application has to be enriched with features that can help your drivers pick up and drop your customers and complete the business with no error.  To keep up your business standards, the driver app has to be upgraded with the following latest trending updates to make it more efficient for delivering an unequaled taxi service to your customers.


The driver app can be personalized by updating profile and subscription details through an in-app registration process. It has been made easier for the drivers to use it without any difficulty.

2. Trip Notification

The driver will receive notification as soon as the passenger send a trip request. There are two cab-booking options available in the present-day taxi dispatching software: instant and scheduled booking. The drivers can accept or reject the trip based on their availability for the particular request.

3. Optimized Working Radius

They can even optimize their working radius right from the driver app if they wish to provide service only to a limited area.

4. Status Update

The drivers can indicate their availability by updating their status whether they are online, offline, or busy. They can even get a snooze option to be used during their break time.

5. Trip Update

They can also update live status about the trips they have taken up. Now, the driver app can record the waiting time of the driver.

6. Trips History

The application for drivers is now equipped with the option to track their past trip details. It would be really good for them to have access to historical data about their past trips with which they can make self-evaluation.

7. Commission or Subscription Report

The driver can even opt for a subscription- or commission-based contract with the business operator. They can access their wallet or recharge their wallet from the application and can get a detailed report on their account at any time.

8. Rating and Feedback

Usually, the passengers are allowed to rate the drivers from their respective application. And now, the drivers can also rate the passengers and trips and convey their concerns through rating and review options.

9. Referral Program

The drivers can refer their friends and get rewarded whenever the referred friend completed a required number of businesses.

Whether yours is a renowned taxi company or a startup, you have to consider your drivers as assets to make your taxi business a successful one. Hand them with an absolute mobile application to fuel up their performance and accelerate business efficiency.