Several fatal taxi incidents made people, especially women passengers, worried to hop into the taxi. Besides the government’s safety policies and regulatory steps, ride-hailing industry giants have beefed up safety features to avoid such mishaps and taken precautionary measures to safeguard their passengers, maintain trust, and revive their goodwill. While safety is becoming the major concern for the industry growth, it needs to be addressed with intense care to deliver a safe and reliable on-demand taxi service; then only, you can sustain in the market. Being the business operator, you need to take effective measures to protect your passengers and become a leading on-demand taxi company. You can improve the safety system of your taxi business in the following ways.

  • Technology Adherence

The core of the taxi business is technology, which is nothing but the on-demand taxi-booking app. In the current scenario, the ride-hailing application is a pressing need for the taxi companies to meet the demand; however, the app has to be upgraded with safety features like “Emergency Button”.

If you are using software already, check whether its applications (both passenger and driver apps) have the SOS button. If you are going to buy a dispatch software for your business, then, get one with the emergency button. For example, taxi management software like TaxiMobility has built-in safety features where the passenger can add three contacts as their emergency contacts who will be notified when the passenger clicks the button in the app during emergency situations.

Being the backbone of the taxi business, your booking and dispatching apps need to be improvised with all new features in the industry that can ensure the safety of your passengers. This is one of the ways you can safeguard your passengers digitally.

For instance, TaxiMobility provides a suite of safety features, including the SOS button. You can view the detailed information about the features in our release notes for Version 8.3.6 – Click Here.

  • Training to Drivers

You need to be vigilant while selecting drivers who must be professional and experienced and have to do background verification before hiring them. It is your duty to train your drivers to be cautious and deliver safer trips to your customers and educate them with driving etiquette.

  • Awareness Program for Passengers

Above all, you have to conduct awareness programs for your passengers about the possible problem while using the ride-hailing services and how they can stay safe during such emergency situations.

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