In the prevailing scenario, ratings and reviews are important factors that can impact the downloading decision of your audience. While creating visibility, the ratings can increase the conversion rate as buyers rely majorly on star ratings of the app provided by existing users and their reviews. If you really want to improve the app downloads, your app must be rated regularly and reviewed positively. Do you know you can increase the flow of ratings and reviews? Interested to know how? Keep reading!

Even before its launch, you can enforce your team or friends to review your app that will give a good start. Breaking through millions of apps and convincing the users are not easy tasks. It involves a lot. One such way is to improve your ratings and reviews that will make your users consider your app when they want to get an app like yours.

Meet Industry Standard

Before all, your app must be up to the standard of the industry to be recognized among the many and reviewed and rated positively. Therefore, make sure that the app meets all the requirements of the intended industry with all the features it must have.

Prompt Them to Rate Your App

Insisting users to review the app is a trending practice that almost every app asks its users for it. It must be in a way that does not annoy the users. Give them space and time to use your app fully. It will be easy for them to analyze your app and come up with good or bad reviews. You can ask for it after a positive moment in your app.

Use Gamification

Gamification can engage and motivate your users to rate your app as it can surpass their goals and strive for more. You can motivate them by offering in-app goods for free, discounts, and the like. However, stick to the rules of the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for contests and rewards.

Monitor for Negative Feedback

Keep eye on negative feedback and never fail to respond to it appropriately. The process of getting reviews and feedback does not stop once you receive them. Actually, it starts. It will go off no use if you do not take action for the feedback. Such feedback will help you understand your customers’ needs and expectation. It also offers you with tips to improve the functionalities of your app.

If Positive, Thank Them!

Don’t forget to thank the reviewers for their positive feedback because they spent their valuable time to review your app.

Read and Respond Properly

Your customers will be happy if they find their concerns are addressed. Therefore, spend quality time to read their reviews about your app and respond to them with the response that can convince them. Do not stop there! If there was any error found, address and fix it as soon as possible.

If you do the above processes, your app will be rated largely and reviewed positively than you expect that will automatically bring fame to your app and get it popularized among the intended audience.

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