The courier industry has changed rapidly over the past few years and also courier firms started using technology to deliver couriers in an effective manner. The mobile application allows courier companies to perform different kind of operations such as order, track, dispatch and even more by tapping away.

Tracking couriers with GPS facility brings courier firms to the next level of delivery service and also it makes easier for both service seekers and providers. This new technology not only tends to track parcel pickup and delivery, but also has the ability to track courier drivers.

There are plenty of powerful benefits for courier companies that the dispatcher can track and allocate job to their courier driver. The GPS enabled map system allows to track their courier drivers so they can ensure fast service and pinpoint the location of the parcel as well. Courier driver and dispatcher both can accept or deny any request from their user, so they never miss any opportunity when they are in another job. The user can request for parcel delivery and track their parcel until it is delivered to the recipient.

Both sender and receptor will be acknowledged by notification, and they can make a payment by flexible way. This technology based courier delivery system evidently reduces the cost of this operation as well as time to pick up and deliver. An advanced feature ensures dispatcher to find which truck has particular parcel and truck movement with location. This is the vital part of courier dispatching who relay in fast dispatching. This application has feedback option about their courier driver so the company can take necessary action against the courier driver if they find negative feedback from their users. It eliminates difficulties in finding destination and weed outs human wasting time in courier delivery.