Uber is a successful concept that has been trending in the taxi industry. Since its inception, it is rocking in its performance and excelling in its service. The idea of how Uber works has been a nightmare for many who are already in taxi business as well as for those who would like to step into it. Here are a few features that a taxi-hailing app must have for better results:

1. GPS-enabled tracking system

The entire work of taxi business revolves around the GPS tracker that helps drivers to find the pick-up point and drop destination, and track the most feasible route with no traffic. Besides that, it helps to have an actual estimation of the trip (calculating the estimated time of getting the cab and reaching the drop point, or even the distance traveled)

2. In-app payments

Payment gateways are the most important aspect that every app must have as the convenience of any technology flourishes when the business process ends in a hassle-free payment option. A taxi app must allow the passengers to pay right from the app, and also using the other options such as cash or card payment.

3. Built-in module to collect fees from drivers

Collecting fees from drivers must be automated, and there must be a built-in module to select a billing cycle, create multiple subscription plans, and avoid manual paperwork. The system must allow drivers to access the subscription details, account balance, transaction history, and top-up features.

4. Analytics system

Analytics is the soul of every business to know whether we are driving our business on the right path. An analytics system is an essential built-in feature of any app for that matter is concerned. Work with the real numbers that help you understand your business and its growth phases, and let you take productive decisions

5. Profiles

For safety reasons and business purposes, the drivers’ authentication is required. The taxi-hailing app must enforce the drivers as well as the passengers to update their profiles for personalized use of the service.

6. Promotional aspects

The app must be a communication bridge between you (the business operator), your drivers, and the passengers. Let your customers and drivers get updated with your news, promo codes, and campaigns through push notification and in-app message.

7. Web-based Panel

A web-based dispatching and tracking panel is essential for the taxi app to take orders, track orders, manage taxis and drivers, and have control over the trip. Besides all, an API is required for better communication.

Other features such as fare calculator, split payments, referral programs, vehicle selection, and so on are also need to be considered while buying an app that resembles and works like Uber.

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