In order to regulate the fee structure of public transits and meet the growing demand for on-demand transportation, the Maldives Transportation Authority has decided to hail the online taxi service into the nation. Maldivians’ need for public transit is going beyond the expectation of the authority, which cannot be met by the meter taxis and with their fee structure. Therefore, it would be the right time for the ride-hailing businesses to creep into the Maldives taxi market where you can get a greater business opportunity. Whether you are a new startup or an existing traditional taxi owner, I would suggest you take up the ride-hailing/online taxi service.

The online taxi or ride-hailing service is a successful business model, which has already been adopted by many across the globe. It would be good to adopt a technology support to deliver highly reliable taxi services to your customers, thereby earning more revenue and fame. So, fuel up your taxi service with a taxi dispatch system and help Maldivians get the most reliable and affordable commuting service.

Why Taxi Management Software

Being the basement for the ride-hailing business, the taxi management software plays a vital role in helping the business operators to deliver their services with ease. In this technology-driven business world, the digital presence is important for your taxi business to acquire more business opportunities and reach passengers easily and let them get your service instantly. The taxi technology will help you stay on track of all your business processes and achieve performance excellence in delivering intended services to the targeted audience. You can buy such taxi software from software developers; however, be cautious while adhering to one.

Generally, the taxi management software comes with separate applications for passengers and drivers, and unique administration platforms for the owners and their dispatchers. Such apps and modules have to be enabled with eminent features that can make the dispatches and bookings seamless. While buying a taxi dispatch software, make sure whether it is a white-label taxi software and also consider the following must-have options of the applications and web panels:

Why TaxiMobility

Passenger app

  • User-friendly booking interface
  • GPS-enabled tracking system
  • Convenient payment options and package plans
  • Feedback and referral programs
  • Safety features (e.g., SOS button)

Driver app

  • Real-time notifications
  • Optimized tracking and routing system
  • Comfortable driving plans
  • Wallet option
  • Referral and rating system
  • Emergency option

Dispatcher console

  • Comprehensive auto and manual dispatching
  • Live tracking system
  • Heatmap access
  • Feedback analytics
  • Report generation

Admin panel

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Workforce management
  • Accounting and settlement options
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Marketing facilities (e.g., SMS and email campaigns)

More Features

With effect from 2018, the Maldives government has started initiating the process of bringing ride-hailing service into the country for enhancing the commuting experience of their citizens. If you are into the on-demand taxi business and based in the Maldives, it would be the right time for you to vamp up your taxi business with an all-inclusive taxi management software like TaxiMobility and get ahead of your competitors. Make use of the opportunity to be the forerunner of the Maldives ride-hailing business.

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